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MCIIS by Mind Map: MCIIS
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professors with contacts to internships

generalists, good in many areas

experienced instructors

high job placement rate for graduates


Liberal Arts school

diverse student backgrounds

All three major intel disciplines

school encourages internships

selectivity in student selection

highly competent faculty


Located in Erie, PA

generalists, not experts in a field

Marketing Power

tuition price

Program not well known outside intel circles

weaker focus currently on CI

Faculty ratio to demand

open source only

Little formal training in Intelligence Software/Applications

no specialization


Increased interest in intelligence

Emerging field - Academically

mercyhurst College willing to provide more academic spaces to program

leadership in intelligence education

growing alumni population in IC

present original research

networking with intel professionals

Intel Related Associations

growing recognized need for intel


developing relationships with intel agencies, businesses, law enforcement agencies

Economic Recovery Act might encourage more people to attend college

Possible role for analysis in social sector organizations, (non-profits, NGOs)


Other Higher Ed Institutions with similar programs

Economic forces

reliant on demand of intell professionals (fed budget cuts to intel may hurt us)

IC Analyst Training Programs

rapidly expanding technology capabilities