US Capitol siege

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US Capitol siege by Mind Map: US Capitol siege

1. Why in news

1.1. Armed and angry mob of Trump supporters stormed CAPITOL HILL

1.1.1. To stall certification of election results Senators were supposed to complete certification of electoral college votes

2. incidents that led to the siege

2.1. Huge crowds of Trump supporters

2.1.1. Had filled the streets to protest against the certification of Biden In the US presidential elections 2020

2.2. Many camped overnight

2.2.1. To attend the Save America Rally After which they started marching towards the Capitol

3. Is Trump responsible for the violence?

3.1. Many blaming trump for inciting violence in the rally

3.1.1. Including members of the Republican party

3.1.2. Trump directed followers to head to Capitol hill

3.1.3. Trump accused that election was rigged

4. What happened after the attack?

4.1. Lawmakers reconvened the joint session

4.1.1. To count electoral votes Confirmed Joe Biden’s victory

4.2. Many called for Trump’s impeachment Or use the 25th amendment

4.2.1. 25th amendment States how a US President and Vice President can be succeeded or replaced In case of 4 sections 1st section 2nd section 3rd Section 4th section

5. Section 230

5.1. Of US Communications Decency Act

5.2. Why in news?

5.2.1. Twitter and Facebook used it to suspend the account of Trump After the US capitol siege incident For allegedly inciting violence and spreading misinformation

5.3. When was it passed

5.3.1. 1996

5.4. What is it

5.4.1. Provides legal immunity to internet companies For content that is shared on their websites holds users responsible for their comments and posts online Protected against law suits For content shared by users

5.4.2. If users share something that violates their rules Internet companies have the power to remove it

5.5. Relation to Capitol Siege incident

5.5.1. On many social media platforms Right wing supporters were openly planning the attack for weeks

5.6. Why criticised

5.6.1. many want repeal of this section Reasons Law passed way before the social media platforms existed in the present form Act used by companies to participate in Politically biased activity violent or derogatory posts are many times not withdrawn Backlash against content that was moderate but removed