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Let’s change the way we look at food and health by Mind Map: Let’s change the
way we look at
food and health
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Let’s change the way we look at food and health


Rob Baan

"we need a Ministry of Food and Health!"

"We need more and better cooperation between the agriculture chain and the medical chain"

Profile on TEDxBinnenhof

horticulture theme


Let’s change the way we look at FRESH food and health

Watch Rob Baan @ Koppert Cress on YouTube

seed industry

functional food

pants are health for human beings

jan kees de jager


meet the hunter collector

people are the same as neanderthalers

life expentance

start of 20st centry: 45 years

eind of 20 centurty: 75

wat went wrong


cardio vascular

lung diseases

we die sick

obesity trends in USA

since 2000: 25% is obese

this must be stopped

masterplan is needed

plants are closest to ancient diet

Holland knows alot about seeds

not eating of plants is dangerous

how to prove

take time

10.000 people eat brocillo over 10 year and same dont

promote healthy aging

in order to reduce health costs

improved production

sustainable production


energy neutral

health production

see Japan

need a stimulator


Food EL&I

ministry of fresh food & health

Human (VWS)

snack vs fresh food

its not okay to tell the broccoli is healthy

promoting snacks: huge amount

create a world of serious food

needs serious promotion

New node