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Power Sharing by Mind Map: Power Sharing

1. Belgium and Srilanka

1.1. Power sharing is the very spirit of democracy. Belgium is a small country in Europe. In the capital city Brussels, 80% people speak French, while the rest speak Dutch.

2. Accommodation in Belgium

2.1. For accommodating the interests of the minority and the majority, Belgium adopted a unique system of power sharing. Brussels has a separate government in which both the communities (French and Dutch) have equal representation. A community government exists. ' ' It is elected by people belonging to one language community. This government engages with the cultural, educational and language related issues.

3. Why power sharing is desirable?

3.1. Power sharing helps reduce the possibility of conflict between social groups and brings about stability in political order. An intelligent sharing of power among legislature, executive and judiciary is very important to the design of a democracy

4. Forms of power-sharing

4.1. Power is shared among different organs of government, such as the legislature, executive and judiciary. Ministers and government officials exercise power. Power may also be shared among different social groups such as the religious and linguistic groups. In a democracy, the citizens must have freedom to choose among various contenders for power

5. Majoritarianism in Sri Lanka

5.1. Sri Lanka has a diverse population with 74% Sinhala speakers and 18% Tamil speakers. Among Tamils, 13% are called ‘Sri Lankan Tamils’ and the rest ‘Indian Tamils’. In 1956, Sinhala was recognised as the only official language of Sri Lanka; thus, disregarding Tamil. By 1980s, several political organizations were formed demanding an independent Tamil Eelam (state) in northern and eastern parts of Sri Lanka.