Coup in Myanmar

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Coup in Myanmar by Mind Map: Coup in Myanmar

1. Why in news

1.1. Myanmar’s military grabbed power

1.1.1. From newly elected government Aung San Syu Kyi led the National League For Democracy Detained by the military

1.1.2. One year of emergency declared

2. Why the coup?

2.1. Accusations by the military

2.1.1. that the 2020 elections were rigged NLD won landslide victory Voting malpractice 8.4 millions alleged irregularities

2.2. Demands

2.2.1. United Election Commission Overseas elections To prove that elections were free and fair

2.2.2. Or government to To prove elections were free and fair

2.2.3. rejected

3. The 2008 Constitution

3.1. Drafted by the military

3.2. Was put into a referendum but veracity questioned

3.2.1. referendum boycotted by NLD

3.3. Boycotted by the NLD

3.4. necessitated by

3.4.1. pressure from the west

3.4.2. Economic sanctions were crippling democracy

3.5. Maintains military’s supremacy in national affairs

3.5.1. Reserves 25% seats in both houses For the military Military officials are appointed on these seats

3.5.2. Political party which is close to the military contests elections Share in parliament fell because of NLD’s sweep

4. relations between the Tatamadaw and Suu Kyi

4.1. Suu Kyi was under house arrest

4.1.1. For 2 decades

4.1.2. Released in 2011

4.2. After release

4.2.1. More reconciliatiory approach by Suu Kyi Defended military’s role At International Court of Justice Against accusations of atrocities against the Rohingyas

4.2.2. 2020 election results Swept by NLD Seen as a mandate for constitutional reforms by NLD