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WLS by Mind Map: WLS
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External Research

To build the "Explore" queue


Skill Availability

Language Availability

Age-Based, Aging Workforce, GenY/Millenial, University Hiring Trends


On-Site Due Diligence

Desktop Research

Incentive Availability

Competitor Locations

M&A Trending

Ease of Doing Business

Political & Economic Stability

Business Decision Support

Work Location

Work Location Decision Process

Work Location Guidelines

Work Force (WFP)

Business Change Impact Analysis

Data Integrity

Risk Assessment

Application to Infrastructure Decisions

Metro Planning Architecture, Small Office/GSS

Technical Infrastructure, Risk Mitigation, Remote Labs

Capacity Guidelines

OpenWork, Tools

OSG Business Support

Budget Development (MRP)

Goal Development & Management

Monthly Report & Communication

Work Prioritization (Funnel)

Internal Research

Business Intelligence

WR & IT can no longer trust solely in local contacts. WLS will add clarity to local discussions if/when there is a change in scale of workforce or infrastructure.

Business VOC

M&A Intelligence

Corporate Operating System Ties

RIF Impact Analysis

Eco- & Social Responsibility

Sourcing Activities

Partner Org VOC

Local Info (bottoms up)

Trend Analysis

Performance Scorecarding Impact analysis GIS as support tool 

Work Force, Distribution, Nationality Diversity, Regional Attractor Locations, Product Distribution, Cost, Workforce Modeling, Potential Future Demand, Churn, Intake Channels, University, Boomerang, Attrition, Acquisition Modeling, Retention over time, Synergy timing

Work Location, Capacity Modeling, Risk/Probability Analysis for Exposure, Risk/Probability Analysis, Over Supply Risk, Under Supply Risk, Market Financial Expectations, Utlization, Site Profiles, Site Strategic Value, Customer & Partner Data

Tools, GIS, Reporting Dashboards (mgmt reporting)

WLS Labs

Thought Leadership Investigation Invent Cutting Edge

Opportunity Identification

Idea Generation

Concept Development

Explore & Incubate