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TEDxBinnenhof by Mind Map: TEDxBinnenhof
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June 25th 2012, The Hague, The Netherlands


Charlotte van Erp Taalman Kip

How to turn waste water into a goldmine, References, Grondstoffenfabriek, Afvalwater als bron van grondstoffen, Grondstoffenfabriek van waterschappen op TEDxBinnenhof, Waterinnovatieprijs bevestigt kracht sewing mining concept, Efficient water recycling coming near to you, Flush & forget, Sewage's potential, sewer mining, economies of scale needed, eye-opener, often overlooked

Maarten Beelen

A robotic revolution for eye surgery, References, Pitch, Medical Robotic Technologies in de spotlights, Brainport Eindhoven, 5 million blind people in western Europe, motivation to apply technology, Dawn of robotic revolution, micro surgery robot, highly accurate, enhancing surgeon's skills, steadiness, less complications, Decreasing strain on the surgeon in gynecologic minimally invasive surgery by using semi-active robotics.

Yao-Hua Tan

IT innovation to boost international trade, Dutch strong position in international trade & logistics, 12 billion EUR fruits & vegetables yearly import, 95% road transport, modal splitting, speed needed, road transport, speed not needed, other means of transport, storage, information on the goods transported, inaccurate data, get better data from source, data pipeline, intelligent dashboard & trust, supply chain data, upstream, downstream

Claire Boonstra


Birth of my dream: using interactive print for better education, Layar, References, Science of the time, Conceived in 2009, went through hype cycle, 2012: make print interactive, Layar Creator, Demo, next: application in education, Layar in Education Discussion Group

Floris de Vos

A portable water drill for the remotest areas, References, FLO FLO, Stichting Holland Water Goes Africa, Drill own water, 1 billion people still lack access to clear water, Drill tower, €3,000 low-weight drilling rig, Demo

Allard van Hoeken

Working with the tides for clean energy, Reference, Bluewater, Design, Deploy, Golf en getij kunnen binnen groene energievoorziening voor basislast zorgen, Floating tidal energy, Current technology, Place wind mill on ocean floor, maintenance problem, Innovation, Floating platform, wind mill upside down, easy access, maintenance, inspection, more productive, each unit 1 MW, energy for 500 homes, emission free, cost effective

Hayo Canter Cremers

Farming green energy for cows and men, References, Dutch Soy Coalition, Lupins to replace soy, We're drowning in shit, crop to replace soy, Duckweed, Duckweed grows like hell on shit and cows love it.

Niki Fens

Breathomics: nano solutions with major impact, References, Breathomics bij longziekten, 'Breathomics' could distinguish asthmatic children, Tuberculosis test, takes time, Quicker diagnosis, Vacuum cleaner as inspiration, Exhale breath capture, electronic nose, breath print, proof of concept available, breath cloud database, effectiveness, asthma, 85-100%, efficiency, low-cost solution

Rob Baan!/rjpbaan

Let’s change the way we look at food and health, References, Diamond awards, Hollandse kiemgroententelers bezoeken seminar Japan, Functional food, Functional food is de gezonde apotheek van de toekomst, Grow & eat more plants, Plants are the closest to our ancient diet, not eating of plants is the most dangerous, food scientists are toxicologists. they know how you die, not how you live, antioxidant vegetables, Co-operation needed between research and plant growers, Stimulator needed, Vegetables & fruit aren't promoted enough

Daan Roosegaarde

Innovation as a Dutch experience, References, StudioRoosengaarde, Overruimte, Heijmans, Analog to digital era influences perception of reality, Technopoetry, Dune 4.2, Fashion, Changing transparency with intimacy, Floors become sustainable, Smart highways



TEDxBinnenhof Catwalk for Innovation features 10 inspiring talks on groundbreaking ideas from the Netherlands that can help tackle global challenges such as pollution, health care costs, loss of biodiversity, climate change and scarcity of natural resources, food and energy.

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June 25th 2012



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Fun tweets on #tedxbinnenhof

Maxime Verhagen shown as Princess Máxima on RTL7

Presenters come to Binnenhof with an electric car

or Gazelle e-bike

Waist water mining

Point Layar at Claire Boonstra's yellow & red dress to see where you can buy it

Support your funny flies

duckweed for green gass you don't need a weed pass

Roosegaarde over materiaal jurk;transparanter bij verhoogde hartslag;) #tedxbinnenhof turnedon means transparent Maxima mag m vlgnd jaar aan


Maxime Verhagen

Conflict of ideas and interests, Simon Stevin, Math to build mills, Might is Right, Great ideas powerless, Ideas need compromises, TEDx: welcome home, We need innovations