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Particpate Now! by Mind Map: Particpate Now!

1. Why should schools collaborate?

1.1. Learn about online safety

1.2. Authentic audience

1.3. Share ideas

1.4. Teachers share the load

1.5. Learn communication skills

2. How do I get started?

2.1. Find a community

2.2. Introduce yourself

2.3. Add some content

3. What is collaboration?

3.1. It's people working together to a common goal. It's students and teachers working on a problem side by side.

4. Who can I join with?

4.1. Bush Classroom

4.1.1. Sign up to wikispaces

4.1.2. Join the Bush Classroom Wiki

4.1.3. Add your idea to 101 Ways to Green Your School

4.2. Collaborative projects Diigo group