Event flow chart

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Event flow chart by Mind Map: Event flow chart

1. 1. Club Tropical is incorporated on July 14, 1997. Latest by law changes made on July 18, 1997.

1.1. 2. July 17, 1997, article is released on the Hospital Fundraising raising event hosted by Enrique Leal.

1.1.1. 3. Intelligence Bureau wrote report on July 19, 1997, on a possible Narcotics/Cocaine investigation. On the same day, an American named Marley arrived in Panama to work with the cartel. 4. Air Perlita delivered 200 pounds of cocaine to Pecoso on the 20th of July. Marley had a meeting with Lopez (the dockmaster), recieving clearance for his depart back to the U.S.

1.2. 5. On the 21, an informant gave information to the FBI about the Norte Valle Del Cauca Cartel.

1.2.1. 6. July 26, 1997- Anonymous caller reported "drunken brawls, nude dancing, and drug sales taking place at Club Tropical." 7.On the 28th of July, two undercover cops observed Club Tropical, ending the night with the arrest of an inebriated woman. The woman turned out to be a dealer under Grande and Bentes.

1.2.2. 8. July 29- Bentes is arrested and interviewed. Grande is also arrested. Club Tropical is searched and seized as per a warrant. 9. August 1- Officers established a controlled cocaine delivery, resulting in the arrest of Charlie Pecoso.