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Social Shares is the New SEO by Mind Map: Social Shares is the New SEO
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Social Shares is the New SEO

Social Shares are becoming the New SEO. If you increase your social shares you will improve your SEO and SERP results. Follow the process in this mind map to increase your social shares • grow your social connections • improve your SEO and conversion rates.

Tier 1 Social

The 20/80 Rule applies to this Tier 1 set of web 2.0 properties. IOW, 80% of the traffic comes from 20% of the sites. At a minimum, make sure you have an active profile on each of these 6x social networks.




To increase your Social Shares you need to know which social network you have an active social profile? Here's an easy way to do this Run a Knowem scan to ID where you have an active profile Make sure your profile is the same for all web 2.0 properties Profile Headshot • Logo Biography • Details NAP (name, address, phone #)  

How to Article

SEO • Articles

SEO has many moving parts. Keyword Research is your starting point. Then On-Page Optimization + Link Building + Social Shares which is executed in a variety of ways. These articles detail the techniques I use to accomplish these tasks.

Web 2.0 Link Wheel

On-Page Optimization

Social Web Link Wheel

Social Shares is the New SEO

Internet Marketing SEO Blueprint

Content Marketing and Syndication

How to Get Ranked on Google Page 1

Video Tutorials

Techniques I use to optimize an article + syndicate it + share it tactics used to generate social signals and build backlinks

On-Page Optimization Part 1

On-Page Optimization Part 2

How to Build Your Link Network

Get Ranked on Page 1 of Google

Tier 2 Social

When you scan your Brand or your Name on KnowEm you will see they track 500+ social networks. This is a sub-set of my Tier 2 profiles. Circle me on Google+ for more details on this.



SERP Results

Anytime you get a Page 1 SERP for a target keyword phrase your traffic will increase A LOT. Knowing what KW's you should target is critical. I've come up with a sure fire technique to determine what my KW's should be. Circle me on Google+ and drop me a line so I can detail you on this proven process.

Social Link Wheel

Social Shares SEO

How to Rank in the 5 Spot

What is a Social Link Wheel

Is Social Shares the New SEO

Benefits of Content Syndication

Content Marketing Best Practices

How to Build a Content Marketing System

How to Manage Your Social Media Presence

Social Tools

There are Hundreds of Tools avail to help manage and monitor your social networks. I will update this element with new entries once I have fully tested the tool on my own accounts. This first set is geared towards Twitter management. is an awesome Twitter Management Application for attractive and engaging targeted Twitter people


HooteSuite is best of class Tool

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