Summer Grant 2012

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Summer Grant 2012 by Mind Map: Summer Grant 2012

1. 1st hour discuss the "Country Research Project" and decide how to proceed as a year long homework assignment.

2. We would like to provide as many resources as we can to students and utilize as much inquiry based learning as possible.

3. We would like to have a relationship with Deb's environmental science class for the whole year but will concentrate on developing a loose schedule through December.

4. We would like to integrate language arts and social studies. In addition, we would like to collaborate with Deb's class and link how the environment affects culture and how culture affects the environment.

5. PBL: Guiding question possibility: How does the environment affect culture and/or how does culture affect the environment?

6. Deb's Environmental Science Class

6.1. Ancient Sumer--civilization declined because of rising soil salinity from irrigation. Good story of adaptation--wheat to barley

7. Group Members

7.1. Heidi Hutchison

7.2. Kelly Causey

7.3. Cindi Martin

7.4. Jillian Lakatta

7.5. Deb Kinder

7.5.1. Deb comes on Day 2 and 3?

7.6. John Scott

7.6.1. John there all 3 days!

7.7. Lisa Filer

7.7.1. Lisa can come whenever she can/wants

8. Notes

8.1. Possible civ. to study or start with? Washutaw Muurs? I think there is not enough evidence gathered yet to start here--John's ordering us some books with primary sources for ancient civilizations--

8.2. New node

9. Project Information

10. Schedule

10.1. September

10.2. October

10.3. November

10.4. December

11. Timeline for 3 Day Grant

11.1. DAY 1

11.2. DAY 2

11.2.1. New node

11.3. DAY 3

11.3.1. New node

12. Language Arts

12.1. Silver Wing

12.1.1. Introduce st.s to the idea of culture within Silverwing

12.1.2. Present "Cultural Universals" and then have students possibly work in groups to idnetify and represent what the "Cultural Universals" are in Silverwing. They would choose an object to represent each universal and then talk from that.

12.2. Possible read alouds? Indiv. reading?

12.2.1. Mansa Musa: The Lion of Mali ()

13. Social Studies

14. Lisa Filer's Science Class

15. Math