The antidote for racism

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The antidote for racism by Mind Map: The antidote for racism

1. True systematic racism is not that far in our past.

1.1. Define systematic racism as laws and government systems towards certain races

1.2. If you do something overtly racist not only are you done in politics but if you run a company you will be immediately Fired as well even if you started the company

1.2.1. Papa John's

1.3. Jewish

1.3.1. 400 in all of ND According to

1.4. Native American

1.5. African American

2. The antidote

2.1. Humility Love Curiosity

2.1.1. People feel loved when they feel understood

2.1.2. They feel understood when they feel heard.

2.2. Humility

2.2.1. My perspective is not the only perspective

2.2.2. My perspective is not the "right" perspective

2.2.3. Ethnocentricity is not of God

2.3. Unconditional love

2.3.1. No one has to earn our love because they are loved by God and therefore God calls us to love them.

2.3.2. There are no pre-existing conditions to us loving people

2.4. Curiosity

2.4.1. The only way to understand

2.4.2. The only way to make them feel understood

2.5. What does that meant to you.

2.6. The evangelical Muslim

3. The Story of the Good Samaritan is about race.

3.1. Luke 10:33 (NLT) 33 “Then a despised Samaritan came along, and when he saw the man, he felt compassion for him.

3.1.1. Sir 50:25–26: “Two nations my soul detests, and the third is not even a people: Those who live in Seir, and the Philistines, and the foolish people that live in Shechem.” Samaritans lived in Shechem Sirach was not considered cannon during the time time of Jesus. Most likely written between 100-300 BC To put in perspective, The book of Malachi was written between 445 and 432 BC There was 400 years of silence Before Jesus. Thankfully the Sirach is not canon but it does show us the intense hatred many Jews had towards the Samaritans.

3.2. My story

3.2.1. Not many minorities

3.2.2. Experience with African-Americans

3.2.3. Experience with native Americans

3.2.4. Experience with one small people group

3.2.5. Experience with some religious groups Hand out Trax saying our people are demon possessed They believe I'm going to hell Individual members don't necessarily think that Muslim with a Christian worldview

4. The Problem with labels

4.1. What I "know" based on labels about Religion.

4.1.1. Women are worth less than men.

4.1.2. I am going to hell Because of the day of the week I go to church Because I don't go to their church

4.1.3. They think I am demon possessed

4.1.4. I am already pre-Destin to certain things and can't change it.

4.1.5. They don't believe Jesus is the son of God

4.2. The problem I don't know any of those

4.3. But labels are important to people

4.3.1. Sexuality

4.3.2. Race

4.3.3. Level of education

4.4. The label they choose is an open door.

4.4.1. People love to explain their labels. Everyone wants to be understood and found worthy of love.

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