Advertisement Ideas

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Advertisement Ideas by Mind Map: Advertisement Ideas

1. Mascot

1.1. Anchor man

1.2. Interactive anchor statue

2. Man in bar

2.1. 1. Man looking into the bubbles of anchor beer

2.2. 2. Sees war scene in bubbles

2.3. 3. Takes a drink to slow battle down

2.4. 4. In "bubbles" - a tidal wave sweeps soldiers into a bar - everyone is drinking anchor and is merry

3. Woman In bar

3.1. 1. Woman sitting in a bar is sad her husband has been sent to war

3.2. 2. She drinks anchor beer and is mesmorised by its bubbles

3.3. 3. Door suddenly swings open and her husband walks into the bar

3.4. 4. He drinks an anchor beer, sweeps his wife off her feet and carries her out the bar

4. Promises

4.1. Forget about life

4.2. Inner strength

4.2.1. Girl is dumped by boyriend. Goes out on the town with friends to drown her sorrows. Drinks anchor - suddenly feels empowered and more attractive. She stands up and gets approached by an attractive man. Ex-boyfriend sees and is upset... Girl wins with anchor!

4.3. Relaxation

4.4. Fun

4.5. Great taste

4.6. Confidence

4.6.1. Man hates his job, goes out to a bar, drinks anchor - fills with confidence and power. Returns to work to quit his job. Anchor gives people the confidence to do anything

4.7. Socialising

4.8. Picking up

5. Jewellery

5.1. Pendant

5.1.1. Man putting on anchor pendant before going out to drink

5.2. Earings

5.2.1. Woman 30 yrs putting on silver anchor earings before going out