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2BWell Body-Hacking Wearables by Mind Map: 2BWell Body-Hacking Wearables

1. Video link (4)

2. Resources

2.1. Project Manager

2.2. Team Members

2.3. Budget

3. Schedule

3.1. Project Start Date

3.2. Phase 1

3.3. Phase 2

3.4. Phase 3

4. Vision

4.1. Motivation (why)

4.1.1. Wellness, Self-Care, Anti-Aging therapies, and natural ways to stimulate the body are all on the rise. This sector is thriving globally and has a multi-trillion dollar market share.

4.1.2. Wearable technology is the perfect marriage of biometrics and medicine. It is the data-gathering practice of now, and the therapeutic marvel of the future.

4.2. Goals (what)

4.2.1. The Founder & Director of 2BWell Group, Dr. Siamak F. Shirazi is the visionary of this idea. He has more than 25 years of clinical practice, research, and publications in the fields of energy medicine, wellness branding, business consulting & coaching. Siamak will act as the CEO of the body-hacking wearable company. Video link (1) Video link (2) Video link (3) Video link (5)

4.2.2. Establish the brand

4.2.3. Short-term Assemble a global team Product Design - R&D App Wearables Proof of concept Manufacturing Marketing Distribution

4.2.4. Long-term Expand the the product line Patent the technology

5. Execution (how)