Promoting: How?

Map for the lesson about technological proximity, online and offline promotion.

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Promoting: How? by Mind Map: Promoting: How?

1. OFFLINE promotion

1.1. Building psychological proximity

1.1.1. Online address on all objects Gadgets T-shirts Pens etc.

1.1.2. Online address on all products

1.1.3. Online address mentioned in answering machine text

1.1.4. Address should be moving around Buses Cars etc.

2. ONLINE promotion

2.1. Building technological proximity

2.1.1. Get the first click Ensure that backlink is in the right place

2.1.2. Any subsequent click

2.2. Choose the right MANIFESTATOR

2.2.1. Put it on the right site

2.2.2. Put it in the right place

2.3. Choose the right LANDING PAGE

2.3.1. Should fit the ad

2.3.2. Should meet visitor's expectations

3. Technological proximity

3.1. Ask for backlinks

3.2. Who?

3.2.1. No competitors!

3.2.2. Ask the right people

3.3. How?

3.3.1. Ask for free

3.3.2. Exchange

3.3.3. Paying PPI: Pay Per Impression PPC: Pay Per Click PPL: Pay Per Lead PPT: Pay Per Transaction

4. Target vs. public

4.1. Target

4.1.1. One-way communication

4.2. Public

4.2.1. Communication & interaction