Process Idea

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Process Idea by Mind Map: Process Idea

1. Content Analysis Phase - NEW

1.1. Client sends BW all content

1.2. CONTENT MEETING ID visits client (without PM) to talk about content / design / treatment ideas - make recommendations about content gathering - report back any potential issues to PM.

1.2.1. Provide structure / list of objectives for this for IDs

2. Proposal

2.1. Include new detail about Content Analysis Phase

3. Project Won

3.1. SOW sent immediately - includes assumptions about content / details of how we can help (workshops etc,,,) and the cost of any additional services we can provide

4. Client gets access to online on-boarding materials

4.1. Videos - RE content gathering

4.2. Brightwave process

4.3. What else?

5. Design Document

5.1. More design, less document - no contractual stuff - this all moved to SOW

5.2. Confirmation of discussions with client - no alarms and no surprises

6. Design Meeting(s)

6.1. LED BY NOMINATED LEADS: Longer meetings - fewer people Leads agree budget / number of days in each team PM sense checks, but does not lead design MUCH MORE COLLABORATION WITH CLIENT DURING DESIGN PROCESS

6.1.1. ID

6.1.2. AD

6.1.3. Lead tech

7. Kick Off Call


7.2. Introduce teams / identify stakeholders

7.3. Set date for content meeting

7.4. Confirm budget / go live date

7.5. Answer any questions RE SOW

8. Tech Spec

8.1. Separated from design - only sent to people with tech knowledge (or give a shit)

9. Client EBR

10. Alpha

11. Beta

12. Scripts

13. Final