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Criminological Theory by Mind Map: Criminological Theory
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Criminological Theory


Beccaria & Classical Theory

NeoClassical theory


Guery & Quetelet

Casare Lombrosso

Positivist vs. Classical

Physical Appearance

Phsyiognomy & Phrenology

Criminal Anthropology

Lombroso to Goring

Sheldon to Cortes - Body Type


The Bell Curve

Delinquency & IQ

Delinquency, Race & IQ

Intelligence Testing & Crime


Family Studies

Neurotransmitter & Hormones

Twin & Adoption Theories


Enviro. Induced Biological Comp. of Behav.


Freud & Psychoanalysis

Personality test


Impulsivity & Crime

Conflict Crim.

Chambliss & Seidman's Analysis of Crim Just System

Sellin's Culture Conflict Theory

Hagan's Structure Crim.

Quinney's Soc. Reality of Crim

Turk's Theory of Criminalist

Vold's Gp Conflict Theory

McGarall & Castellano Integ. Cloflict Model

Economic cond.

Crime & Employment

Dukheim, Anomie & Modernization

Crime: Normal in Mechanical Society

"Anomie" - Pathological state of organis soc.

Durkheim's Theory of Crime

Critical Crim.

Marxism & Marxist

Marxist & Postmodernism

Feminism & Feminist

Ecology of Crime

Delinquent Area of Chicago

Situational Context

Neighborhood as Cause of Crime

Strain theory

Negative emotion & Inst. Anomie

Strain & Gang

Robert K. Merton

Learning Theory

basic Psycho.

Tarde's Law of Imitation


Social learning Theory

Control Theory

Matza's Delinquency & Drift

Hirschi's Control theory

Gottfredson + Hirschi's General theory

Developmental Crim.

CrimCareer: Longitudinal Research, Relationship - age & crime

Criminal Propensity & Career

Thorberry's Interactional

Sampson & Laub's Age-Graded theory of Informal Soc. Control

Meaning of Crime

General Theory

Crime & The Self

Labeling Theory

Deviance & Social Reaction