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Integers by Mind Map: Integers

1. Can be represented

1.1. Elevation

1.2. Number line

1.3. Thermometer

1.4. Counting chips

2. Consists of

2.1. Positive numbers

2.2. Negative numbers

2.3. Zero

3. Can be operated on

3.1. Adding

3.1.1. Same signs Add absolute values, keep sign of original numbers

3.1.2. Different signs Subtract absolute values, keep sign of original number whose absolute value is the greatest

3.2. Subtracting

3.2.1. Change subtraction to addition and take the opposite of the second number. Follow the rules for addition.

3.3. Multiplying

3.3.1. Same signs Answer is positive

3.3.2. Different signs Answer is negative

3.4. Dividing