Experience Histories MindMap

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Experience Histories MindMap by Mind Map: Experience Histories MindMap

1. Three sources:

1.1. Future Generation Art Prize 2017 + Video, quoted: https://futuregenerationartprize.org/en/history/2017/firelei-baez

1.2. Firelei Báez: Bloodlines exhibition + video, quoted: https://www.warhol.org/exhibition/firelei-baez-bloodlines/

1.3. Newsline - article with quote from Maria Ortiz, Báez’s curator: https://resources.depaul.edu/newsline/sections/campus-and-community/Pages/vessels-of-genealogies.aspx

1.4. Biography: https://www.fireleibaezstudio.com/biography

2. Three images

2.1. 1. Sans-Souci https://cci.pamm.org/sans-souci/

2.2. 2. Vessel of Genealogies

2.3. 3. The Last One Who Remembers It

3. Three Observations:

3.1. 1. - intricate, patterns, murky colors, neutral colors, eyes, silhouette of a person, movement,

3.2. 2. An afro, patterns, blue background, woman figure, tattoos, Nature, Flowers, Movement, Light, shadow

3.3. 3. Large, Sheet rock, Mural, Acrylicpaint, Haitian symbols and Ukrainian symbols, it’s an installation, it is chipped away to create texture

4. Three facts:

4.1. "I think that Báez is trying to portray the absurdities of racial categorization, how race has been 'determined' by ridiculous assertions of phenotype in the U.S. and the Dominican Republic," Ortiz says (interview - depaul)

4.2. “People come into the room they’ll be able to see the melding of both symbols from the Caribbean and symbols from Ukraine which visually are very similar...” - Firelei Báez, Future generation art prize 2017 video

4.3. “And this is about tracing the bloodlines of moments of resistance in the New World and trying narratives from the Caribbean, North America, South America, all into one space.” - Báez, the Warhol exhibition video

5. My Artist choices are between two woman:

5.1. Simone Leigh

5.2. Firelei Báez