Project Plan "National Stereotypes"

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Project Plan "National Stereotypes" by Mind Map: Project Plan "National Stereotypes"

1. Resources

1.1. Textbook

1.2. Students' own knowledge

1.3. Internet

1.4. Contact with people from the country in question via e-mail or social networks

2. Stakeholders

2.1. Teacher and monitor: Claudia

2.2. Developers: groups of 3 to 4 4th Level students

2.3. Primary User Group: 4th Level students EOI

2.4. Teaching staff of the school teaching 4th Level

3. Project Information

3.1. Project carried out by small groups of students on an English-speaking country of their choice (stereotypes about people of that nation and how these people see the Spanish)

3.2. Items to be Delivered: oral presentation accompanied by a visual support (e.g. Powerpoint presentation)

3.3. Extent: 4 class sessions

4. Schedule

4.1. Session 1

4.1.1. Topic lead-in

4.1.2. Textbook activities (speaking, listening, reading)

4.1.3. Project presentation

4.1.4. Brainstorming

4.2. Session 2

4.2.1. Research

4.3. Session 3

4.3.1. Working on the final product

4.4. Session 4

4.4.1. Presentations of the group projects

5. Limitations

5.1. Delivery Timeline

5.2. Technological requirements

5.3. Students' language skills