Welcome to My Dream House

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Welcome to My Dream House by Mind Map: Welcome to My Dream House

1. Six decent sized Bedrooms

1.1. My Room: Huge walk in closet. Lost of pretty decorations. Big chunky furniture.

1.2. Dominic's Room: Decorated in Batman. Huge batman figure. Any furniture he picks out.

1.3. Austin's Room: Decorated in cars. His bed would be a race car with matching dresser.

1.4. Carter's Room: Decorated in Mickey Mouse.He would have a slide to get off his bed.

1.5. Toy Room/Game Room: Every toy my kids want would be in this room. A pool table and other games would be put in here. TV with all the movie you could ever imagine.

1.6. Guest Room: Nice comfy cozy bed.

2. Big Kitchen

2.1. Nice stainless steel appliances.

2.2. Lots of counter space

3. Dining room

3.1. Huge table with comfy chairs

3.2. Lots of windows

4. Livingroom

4.1. Big screen TV

4.2. Big comfy couches

5. Six Bathrooms

6. Front Yard

6.1. White Picket fence

6.2. Front porch that goes all the way around the house

7. Back Yard

7.1. In-ground pool

7.2. Lots of play sets

7.3. Huge fenced in yard

7.4. Nice patio area with a fire pit

7.5. Lots of toys

8. Attic

8.1. Enough room to put the kids baby stuff

9. Basement

9.1. Big washer and dryer

10. Office

11. Four Levels