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Eschatological, Eschatology Chart by Mind Map: Eschatological,
Eschatology Chart
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Eschatological, Eschatology Chart



Marriage Supper of the Lamb (Mt 25:1-10)

Judgment of sheep and goats. (Matt 25:31-32)


Satan Bound (Rev. 20:2; Zech. 13:2)

Literal reign of Christ on earth for 1000 years.

"Great White Throne Judgment" after 1000 years. (Rev 20:13), Satan and followers thrown into the Lake of Fire. (Rev 20:10)


New Heaven and New Earth (Rev 21:1)


The Rapture (Rev 20:4-6)

The dead in Christ will rise first.

Then the saints who are alive.

Tribulation Period (7yr)

First Half of Tribulation (3.5yr), Archangel's call to Israel., Time of apparent peace. (Dan 9:27), World unites under European leader, False Messiah appears in Israel. (Rev 17:8), Five Seals (Rev 6:1-17), 1st - Beast begins his conquest., 2nd - Nation against nation., 3rd - Famine, 4th - Quarter of earth dies., 5th - Martyrdom of saints., Roman Empire revives to dominate the Gentile nations., Two witnesses appear on scene. (Rev. 11:3-12), 144,000 converts (Rev. 7, 14)

Mid-Tribulation, Man of sin enters the temple in Jerusalem. (Dan 9:27), 6th Seal, Earthquakes, stars fall.

Second Half of Tribulation (3.5yr), 7th Seal (Rev 8:1-5), Seven Trumpets (Rev 8-11), 1st - Hail of fire - tail of comet strikes earth. 1/3 plants die in the resulting fires., 2nd - Fiery mountain hurled into sea (1st comet fragment) - 1/3 sea life dies., 3rd - Satan falls to earth as the comet Wormwood - 1/3 rivers are poisoned., 4th - 1/3 heavens darkened by smoke and fires of the impacting comet.node, 7th Trumpet, 6th - 200 million man army kill 1/3 of mankind (another 1.5+ billion people)., 5th - Star (Satan) opens the abyss. 5 months of torture by locusts., Great Tribulation (Mat 24:21), Time of Jacob's Trouble (Matthew 24 :21-22), Anti-Christ destroys the two witnesses. (Rev 11:7), Day of the Lord, Armageddon (Zech. 14:1; Rev. 19:11), Seven Bowls of Wrath (Rev 16:1-12, 17-21), 1st - Boils and Sores, 2nd - Sea turns to blood., 3rd - Rivers and springs turn to blood., 4th - Sun scorches the earth., 5th - Total darkness on earth., 6th - Euphrates drys up and 3 demons go out to lead kings to war., 7th - Worldwide earthquake.

Second Coming of Christ

Christ & Apostolic Age

First Advent of Messiah

Death and Resurrection, Ascension of Christ

Day of Pentecost

Church Age

Awaiting Second Coming of Christ (Phil 3:20; 1 Cor 1:7)

Spreading of the Gospel