How To Make the Perfect Anniversary Dinner

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How To Make the Perfect Anniversary Dinner by Mind Map: How To Make the Perfect Anniversary Dinner

1. Home Page

1.1. qualifications for me teaching you this

1.2. VOKI

1.3. video of me

2. Tips and Hints

3. What You Need

3.1. Already have and buy

3.2. where to purchase

4. Instructions

4.1. Step by Step

4.1.1. Get out materials

4.1.2. unwrap the meat and put it in a frying pan turn to medium heat stir meat occasionally

4.1.3. start preheating oven to specified temp. for breadsticks. set kitchen timer for 10 minutes. Place breadsticks on cookie sheet and place cookie sheet in oven after timer goes off. Set kitchen timer for amount said on the box.

4.1.4. put water in a large pan and start boiling for noodles.

4.1.5. put sauce in pan of meat after draining the meat. make sure meat is done. By this time, the breadsticks should be done so take them out.

4.1.6. put noodles in pan of boiling water. Stir occassionally

4.1.7. drain noodles and place back in pan. Place corn in bowl and put it in the microwave for 2.3 minutes.

4.1.8. Take corn out after it is done. Then place noodles on a plate. Pour sauce and meat over it. Put a couple of breadsticks on the plate along with some corn. Enjoy!

4.2. pictures