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Roald Dahl by Mind Map: Roald Dahl

1. Mathilda

1.1. Characters

1.1.1. Mathilda loves to read, different than her family

1.1.2. Ms. Honey Mathilda's teacher

1.1.3. Ms Trunchbull headmistress (antagonist)

1.1.4. Wormwood family rude, ignore Mathilda, like to watch TV

1.1.5. Lavender Mathilda's best friend

1.2. Plot

1.2.1. Mathilda is very smart but not supported by her family. Ms Trunchbull is a bully who likes having control over the school. Mathilda is helped by Ms. Honey who supports Mathilda and her powers.

2. The BFG

2.1. Plot

2.1.1. BFG kidnaps Sophie after she sees him giving good dreams to children

2.2. Giant Characters

2.2.1. BFG smallest giant

2.2.2. Fleshlumpeater big, scary, careful

2.2.3. Bloodbottler invades BFG's home

2.3. Human Characters

2.3.1. Mrs. Clonkers runs the orphanage

2.3.2. Queen of England

2.3.3. Sophie orphan

3. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

3.1. Characters

3.1.1. Charlie Lives with his family, poor, wins golden ticket

3.1.2. Grandpa Joe Bucket tells Charlie about the candy factory and goes with him to see it

3.1.3. Willy Wonka candy factory owner

3.1.4. Oompa-Loompas small humans who work in the factory, known to be onerary and mischievous

4. The Witches

4.1. Characters

4.1.1. "Boy" orphan, lives with grandmother

4.1.2. Grandmother teaches boy how to identify witches

4.1.3. The Witches don't like children

4.2. Plot

4.2.1. Witches have a plan to turn children into mice and get rid of them!

5. Fantastic Mr. Fox

5.1. Human Characters

5.1.1. Boggis

5.1.2. Bunce

5.1.3. Bean

5.2. Animal Characters

5.2.1. Mr Fox

5.2.2. Mrs Fox

5.2.3. Badger

5.2.4. Moles

5.2.5. Rabbits

5.2.6. Weasels

5.3. Plot

5.3.1. Forced by the farmers to go underground, Mr. Fox comes up with a plan work with the other burrowing animals to survive, outwitting the farmers