Technology Frameworks

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Technology Frameworks by Mind Map: Technology Frameworks

1. SAMR: Subsitution, Augmentation, Modification, Redefinition

1.1. Substitution: teaches as a tool substitute with no actual change to the lesson, different materials.

1.2. Augmentation: teaches as a tool substitute, offers a slight functional improvement.

1.3. Modification: teaches a significant lesson or task redesign with the technology.

1.4. Redefinition: teaches a totally new way with new creative ideas for the lesson or task with technology.

2. TPACK: Technological knowledge, Pedagogical knowledge, Content knowledge

2.1. Technological knowledge: the knowledge of what the educator knows and how they can teach that tech.

2.2. Content knowledge: the content of what you are teaching.

2.3. Pedagogical Knowledge: this is how you teach, using different methods, ideas, and strategies.

2.4. PCK: Pedagogical Content Knowledge. This is how your knowledge intersects with how you teach the content.

2.4.1. Example: Educators can use what they already know such as a memory of how they had best learned the materials and apply to the lesson.

2.5. TCK: Technological Content Knowledge. This is how the technology is used with the content for successful learning.

2.5.1. Example: You can use a memorization game with students to help them memorize the content for more successful test scores.

2.6. TPK: Technological Pedagogical Knowledge. This is how you will chose what technology will work best with your students.

2.6.1. Example: Kindergarteners will need simpler technology devices vs high schoolers are more capable of higher technology.

3. PICRAT: Passive, Interactive, Creative, Replacement, Amplifying, Transforming

3.1. All of these learning ideas can be very helpful. An educator can combine and multiply any of them to create a successful learning environment.