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CSR UI by Mind Map: CSR UI

1. Lookup & search

1.1. The ability to lookup based on:

1.1.1. Cell number

1.1.2. First Name

1.1.3. Last Name

1.1.4. Last Four Of Social

1.1.5. DOB

1.1.6. Any combination of the above.

2. CSR Customer Page

2.1. See video description

2.2. Web link to page

3. Deactivate account

3.1. Deactivate communication

3.2. Deactivate visits.

3.3. The CSR will need the ability to deactivate an account. Deactivate at a minimum should prevent entry of a visit and any customer communication.

4. Login & interface with User Management System (UMS)

5. Improve input forms (masking)

5.1. The input data forms are not clear regarding the data format (as in DOB and telephone number). The forms need masking or some method to improve.

6. One customer cell number multiple stores

6.1. Some customers may have accounts at multiple stores. The CSR will only be able to see activity related to their store only.

6.2. Same data for all stores withing same company. CSR at all locations will have privileges to make all changes. Can not cross company level. New company new information.

7. Customer printed handout

7.1. Upon completion of the transaction print handout for the customer. That feature is in the sample site and is activated by clicking print icon.. The focus of this work will be to duplicate the report. We will want to improve the layout and graphics of the page in later work.

8. Delete an entry

8.1. CSR will need a way to deactivate a visit. We can discuss the best way to do this but there should be some trail of the deactivation.

9. Transaction report by CSR

9.1. The transaction report should be a searchable report by CSR and by date range and include the following data.

9.1.1. Date & time of transaction

9.1.2. First & last name

9.1.3. Loan number

9.1.4. Award amount

9.1.5. Card activation - Y or N

9.1.6. Text message

9.1.7. Comment

9.1.8. May want to add sums and counts at end of the report in the future

10. CSR Program Concept

10.1. The communication concept is that through the platform we have the ability to reach out to the customers in the system via a number of communications techniques to achieve fast, reliable and efficient communications with the store customers.

10.1.1. Text

10.1.2. Automated voice calling

10.1.3. Email

10.1.4. Snail mail - post cards

11. Developer Notes

11.1. The CSR (Custoemr Service Rep) will need a login page before entering the customer entry landing page.

11.2. The reward concept is that each visit to the location is registered in the system and after so many visits the customer earns a reward. The reward is typically a cash reward to be determined by the store and given directly to the customer at the time of the visit. See the Reward button on this page for more information regarding rewards.

11.2.1. Number of visits should be a variable that can be set by the customer at the store level.

11.3. Will convert name & graphics

12. Reward

12.1. The concept is that the customer earns a reward after X number of visits. The award amount is determined by each store/customer and it is not anticipated it will be coded into the CSR system.

12.1.1. The number of visits for a reward is hard coded at 5 visits in the current system. This should be changed such that it is a store variable.