Holiday D2C

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Holiday D2C by Mind Map: Holiday D2C

1. Ebay

1.1. listing managment System connects to Netsuite

1.2. Ebay Store

1.2.1. Store Listings

1.2.2. Auction Listings

2. Amazon

2.1. listing managment System connects to Netsuite

2.2. FBA

2.3. Merchant fulfilled

2.4. Price Match Software

2.4.1. Stay competitive with competition

3. Website

3.1. Shopify

3.1.1. System connects to Netsuite

3.1.2. Traffic Tracking Analytics GTM

3.1.3. Website Product pages Collection pages (category landing pages) Vendor Product Type Static content pages about us contact us ToS Privacy Policy ADA compliance GDPR compliance Apps Email Search Filter Affiliate Image Surpression Page Builders Meta Fields ReAmaze

3.1.4. Payments Credit Card Gateway Paypal Bitcoin Checkout with Amazon Payment plans Klarna Fraud Protection

3.2. Advertising/Marketing

3.2.1. SEO On site Done during site development Product page creation Core Web Vitals Off Site Content marketing PR

3.2.2. PPC Ads Google Ads Google Shopping Bing Ads Connexity

3.2.3. Email The Growth Marketing Platform for Online Businesses - Klaviyo Email collecting Onsite pop-up forms Integrated email forms

3.2.4. Affiliate Marketing Trusted Affiliate Marketing Network | ShareASale

3.2.5. Social Video creation Platforms IG FB Twitter Snapchat Tiktok

3.3. System Setup

3.3.1. Merchant Center

3.3.2. Search Console

3.3.3. Analytics

3.3.4. Tag Manager

3.3.5. NetSuite to Shopify Integration

4. Customer Service

4.1. Re:amaze - Customer service

4.2. Product Knowledge

4.2.1. able to measure products

4.2.2. Answer product related questions

4.3. Shipping related questions

4.4. Email Support

4.4.1. Responses < 24 hours

4.5. Live Chat Support

4.5.1. online M-F

4.6. Phone Support

4.6.1. Available M-F

5. Shipping/Logistics

5.1. Must be able to ship orders in 24 hours


6. What is Holidays Unique Proposition? Why would people find and shop at your Website?

6.1. Please dont say price

6.2. Too many generic buy everything at one store shops

6.2.1. Examples Adam & Eve Adult Toy Store | Best Sex Toys for Men & Women Sex Toys & Adult Toys - Online Store | PinkCherry Online Sex Toy Shop | Adult Sex Toys for Men, Women & Couples

6.3. Need a reason for people to shop with you

6.3.1. Niche Market?