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GTT - Personalized Learning by Mind Map: GTT - Personalized Learning
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GTT - Personalized Learning

Design & Modeling Strand

What is engineering?

Choice activities, Vocabulary, Intro to Engineering (STEM), Project STEM Investigation, What is technology?

Final Product, Engineering Career Project, Interview, Brochure, Skit/Movie, Online Magazine

Design Process

Choice activities, Vocabulary, Activity 1.2.1 Design Process, Activity 1.2.2 Design Elements, Project 1.2.3, Furniture Design, Hobby Organizer Design, Design Brief

Final Product, Final Design, Furniture Design, Hobby Organizer Design


Choice activities, Vocabulary, Activity 1.3.1 Standard and Metric Measurement,, Precision Measuring

Final Product, Skimmer

Sketching and Dimensioning

Choice Activities, Vocabulary, Sketching Practice, Orthographic Projection

Final Product, Dimensioning

Designing for Production

Choice Activities, Vocabulary, Descriptive Geometry and Coordinat System, Computer Modeling Fundamentals, Sketch Plane Cube, Basic Assembly Constraints, Pegboard Toy

Final Product - Choose 1, Bracket, Switch Plate, Hair Brush, Watch

Final Projects


Student Generated Projects

Automation & Robotics Strand

What is Automation and Robotics

Choice Activities, Vocabulary, Fischertechnik Build, Understanding Robots, Video: Understanding Robots, What do we use robots for?

Final Product, Robot Presentation

Mechanical Systems

Choice Activities, Vocabulary, Mechanical Gears, Mechanisms, Windmill Construction, Mechanical Gears Review, Pull toy construction

Final Product, Survival Challenge

Automated Systems

Choice Activities, Vocabulary, Using Graphic Icons, Fischertechnik Interface Connections, Automation through Programming, Pneumatic Systems, Traffic Signal Alert

Final Product

Final Projects

Assembly Line

Student Generated Projects

Energy & the Environment Strand

Investigating Energy

Activity Choices, Vocabulary, Energy Comes in Many Forms, The Next Frontier: Engineering the Golden Age of Green,, Energy Calculator:, Using Energy Efficiently, Wind with Miller (updated url)

Final Product, Measuring Energy

Sustainable Energy

Activity Choices, Vocabulary, Why are we concerned?, Energy Carriers, Creating a generator

Final Product, Energy Expo

Making an Impact

Activity Choices, Vocabulary, Water Audit, Product Live Cycle, I made a difference, Recycle City

Final Product, Heat Transfer

Final Projects

Penguin Dwelling

Student Generated Projects