Possible Problems

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Possible Problems by Mind Map: Possible Problems

1. Health

1.1. People could possibly develop cramps or hand pains from using a mouse and keyboard for a certain number of time

1.2. People with arthritis are unable to use a mouse

1.3. Non carcinogenic replacements for everyday objects

1.4. Sitting down for too long - exposing young eyes too much to computer screens

1.5. During the pandemic, there's less activity so health levels decrease

1.6. Medical health issues such as the reusing of single use needles allowing the spread of diseases

2. Sport

2.1. Loose sporting equipment such as trainers/rackets/bats, sometimes quite valuable

2.2. Monitoring health during sport - such as monitoring heart rate

3. Hygiene

3.1. People don't brush teeth for at least two minutes every day

3.2. Forgetting to wash hands

3.3. Water usage from showers and baths

3.4. People don't shower everyday

3.5. People don't always shower every day

4. Illuminate

4.1. Halogen lights

4.2. Damage to eyes

4.3. Blue light - white light helps adaptation to different time zones

4.4. Lights are immovable

4.5. Computer light can be damaging to eyes when used for extended periods of times

4.6. Struggling to move light into a better position

5. Dispensing

5.1. Dispensing common things such as pills

5.2. Dispensing irregular shaped objects is harder to dispense (e.g. ice, water, soda)

6. Packaging

6.1. Need to make packaging as efficient as possible for some occasions like flights can't carry more than the set limit

6.2. Moving house - packaging may be inefficient

6.3. Packaging peanuts aren't environmentally friendly as they're made from a non-sustainable substance and have a tendency to spill everywhere

6.4. Packing is usually used and then discarded - smaller more durable reusable packaging?

7. Security

7.1. Home security : - windows

7.1.1. Possible car security : People could leave things in the back seats of cars which is an incentive for people to break in

7.2. - doors

7.3. - gardens

7.4. - sheds

8. Sorting

8.1. Looking for things that you have put somewhere

8.2. Losing objects you saw moments ago

8.3. Being able to pick up an outfit instead of going through all of your clothes

9. Biology/Nature

9.1. Plastic pollution in waters/oceans Deforestation - Co2 processing Recycling: Home recycling ?

9.2. Bleaching of corals in oceans

9.2.1. Coral reefs produce half of the worlds oxygen and absorb a third of the CO2

9.2.2. Drones that can plant trees, it means they can work all day for very cheap and get to awkward areas.

9.3. Damage to oceans from groundings (oil tankers, pollution, etc etc)

9.4. Warmer waters causing loss of habitats for animals and killing species

9.5. Pesticide usage on crops: harming biodiversity

9.6. Tilling top soil

10. New Tech + Emerging Technology

10.1. Graphene - uses on cars and other tech

10.2. Cars - self healing bodies

10.3. Biometrics

10.4. Nanotechnology - for operations

10.5. Virtual reality - training programs

10.6. 3D printing - organ transplants

10.7. Drones - facial recognition for police/deliveries

10.8. 5G - The effects it may have other data alternatives

11. Housing/Architecture

11.1. People struggle when it comes to designing and buying a house

11.1.1. Being able to walk through a house in VR customized by you to your liking you can increase the chance of people staying in locations for longer periods of time/ensuring better quality of life

11.2. Over population: Floating towns

11.2.1. Find possible solutions to over population and housing combined + amount of energy consumption that goes along with over-population