The Monkey's Paw by W.W. Jacobs

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The Monkey's Paw by W.W. Jacobs by Mind Map: The Monkey's Paw  by W.W. Jacobs

1. W.W. Jacobs

1.1. He was a British humorist, novelist and short story writer. He is known primarily from one of the ghoulish tales of him as The Monkey's Foot.

2. Summary

2.1. Chapter 1:

2.1.1. The white family needed money to pay the mortgage on the house

2.2. Chapter 2:

2.2.1. Tom Morris decided to give them the monkey's leg, Mr. White decided to take it and keep it, he decided to make his first wish without paying attention to the warnings that Morris had given him.

2.3. Chapter 3:

2.3.1. Herbert did not believe in the monkey paw and Mr. White did, so they made a wish and the monkey paw moved and everyone was scared and immediately they saw that it did not work and went to the room except Mr. White He stayed in the living room and a face appeared in the window.

2.4. Chapter 4:

2.4.1. The other day they woke up happy and Mrs. White didn't want to talk about monkey foot and she and her son decided to go out and Mr. White stayed home.

2.5. Chapter 5:

2.5.1. Herbert had an accident in the machinery and a man from Maw and Meggins went to Mr. White's house to tell what had happened to Herbert, the Maw company and Meggins were going to give them money.

2.6. Chapter 6:

2.6.1. The Mrs. white and mr. White made the wish that their son return.

2.7. Chapter 7:

2.7.1. Mr. White was going down when he heard the front door, he went up to the room and closed the door and mrs. white heard the door and ran out thinking it was herbert and mr. White looked for the monkey's leg and made the third wish and when Mrs. White opened the door there was no one.

3. Author

4. Wish + Past

4.1. Mr Morris:

4.1.1. i wish had a fast car

4.2. Family:

4.2.1. i wish for thirty thousand pounds

5. Moral of the Story

5.1. making wishes may have consequences

6. Opinions

6.1. I thought that this activity is great, I liked that we did this activity by chapters and wrote the main ideas.