Pauly Hart's Empires & Generals Franchise

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Pauly Hart's Empires & Generals Franchise by Mind Map: Pauly Hart's Empires & Generals Franchise

1. E&G Hardback

1.1. Empire Beneath

1.1.1. By the Gates of the Garden of Eden

1.2. Wildest Adventure

1.2.1. The Golden Sea Black Bartlemy's Treasure, Treasure Island, Kidnapped, Moby Dick, Robinson Crusoe, Swiss Family Robinson, Black Beauty, Bluebeard

1.2.2. Enter the Jungle Tarzan (pre-1923), The Jungle Book, Beyond the Black River (Public Domain Conan the Barbarian), Little Shop of Horrors, Land and Sea, Madagascar - Land of the Man-eating Tree, The Call of the Wild, White Fang

1.2.3. The Swashbucklers The Three Musketeers, Man in the Iron Mask, Count of Monte Cristo, The Phantom of the Opera, Hunchback of Notre Dam, Poem of the Cid, Don Quixote

1.2.4. Lore of Briton Le Morte D'Arthur, The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood Mabinogion, Ivanhoe, Yvain - the Knight and the Dragon, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

1.3. Darkests Nights

1.3.1. Black Science Sherlock Holmes, Dracula, The Island of Dr. Moreau, Strange Case of Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde, Frankenstein, The Invisible Man, The Picture of Dorian Gray, A Christmas Carol, Night of the Living Dead, The Damnable Life and Death of Stubbe Peeter

1.3.2. The World Within Pellucidar, The Lost World, Journey to the Center of the Earth, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, The Time Machine

1.3.3. Demons and Nightmares Edgar Allen Poe Tales, H.P. Lovecraft Tales, Faust, The Cantebury Tales, Paradise Lost, Inferno

1.3.4. The Martian Crusades Barsoom Series (John Carter, Pre-1923), The War of the Worlds, Edison's Conquest of Mars

1.4. Mythic Universe

1.4.1. Never-Wonder Land The Wizard of Oz Series, Peter Pan Series, Alice in Wonderland, Through the Looking-Glass, A Midsummers Night's Dream, Wind in the Willows

1.4.2. Gods and Mountains Thor and the Midgard Serpant, Gilgamesh, Odysseus, 1001 Arabian Knights, Argonautica (Jason), Beowolf

1.4.3. Fairy Magic Princess Beauty and the Beast, Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, The Dryad, The Mermaid Wife, Nasreddin Hodja, The Pied Piper, Hansel and Gretel, Midas

1.4.4. Elves and Giants Gullivers Travels, Thumbelinna, Snow-White and the Seven Dwarfs, Rumpelstiltskin, Tom Thumb, The Elves and the Shoemaker, Saga of Fergus mac Léti, Jack and the Beanstalk

1.5. Thematic Expansions

1.5.1. Tall Tales

1.6. Shakespeare Edition

1.6.1. Comedies Twelfth Night & Winters Tale Love's Labour's Lost Cymbeline & The Tempest The Taming of the Shrew & The Merchant of Venice

1.6.2. Tragedies Romeo and Juliet Macbeth Hamlet Othello

1.6.3. Various Poems and Sonnets

2. A Distant Future

2.1. Humanity in itself

2.1.1. Singularity Genetic Purification Slaves to the Machine Android Harmony Nanotech Wonders

2.1.2. Perpetuity Technocracy Corporate Feudalism Status Quo Multi Caste

2.1.3. The Tribulation Microbial Warfare Temporal Overlord Enslavement Post Apocalyptic Wasteland Genocide

2.1.4. Great Cleanse Nuclear Desolation Total Corporatocracy The Great Dictatorship Tribal Anarchy

2.1.5. Unaffiliated Humanity

2.2. Nature Attacks

2.2.1. Natural Evolution Mankind: Ultimate Potential Man: Meta Species Metaverse Beings Total Awareness

2.2.2. Planetary Peace Ocean Colonization Low Orbit Ladder Colonies City States One World Republic

2.2.3. Human Digression Clone Entropy Genetic Plateau The Eugenics Test Viral Devolution

2.2.4. Ecological Calamity Toba Super-volcano The Ozone Wars Event Horizon: Ice Age Metatsunami Greggor

2.2.5. Unaffiliated Nature

2.3. Non Terrestrials

2.3.1. Sentient Contact The Guardians A Hard Won Peace The Temporal Exchange Transcendence

2.3.2. Subterranean Colonization Dyson Dome L5 and Lunar Solar Sheild Hades Elevator

2.3.3. Sentient Conquest Workforce Human Microbial Desolation The Terraform To Serve Man

2.3.4. Cosmic Catastrophe Dx6 Meteor Event The Flare The Bio Mess Moonfall

2.3.5. Unaffiliated ST

2.4. Unaffiliated Future

3. Expansions

3.1. Thematic Expansions

3.1.1. The Great Plague

3.1.2. The Prince

3.1.3. Special Edition

3.1.4. Great Mysteries Lore Lost Civilizations Atlantis Ys Aroi Minoa The Lost People The Nephilim Early Man Giants Sons of the Gods Cities of Wonder Troy Venice Tyre and Sidon Samarkand

3.1.5. The Catholic Church 366-1910 AD Jesuits Dominicans Franciscans Benedictine Papacy

3.1.6. Liberators and Maniacs England and France The New Americas Old Europe Old Rome Asia

3.1.7. The Hit men Medjay Iga-Ryu Koga-Ryu Hashashin

3.1.8. Knighthood Hospitillars Knights Templar Teutons Order of St. George

3.2. Game Expansions

3.2.1. Act of God

3.2.2. Dogs of War

3.2.3. Way of Wushu

3.2.4. Epoch of Man

4. Promotional Cards

4.1. Game Fan Edition

4.2. Joke Cards

4.3. Event Release Cards

4.3.1. Alpha Test Release 2010

4.3.2. Beta Release Party 2011

4.3.3. Tokyo in Tulsa 2012

4.3.4. Gen Con 2013

4.3.5. Gen Con 2014

5. History

5.1. Antiquity (6000 BC - 410 AD)

5.1.1. Family Edition Ancient China Roman Republic Ancient Egypt The Huns

5.1.2. Expanded Edition Ancient Greece Achaemenid Persia Phoenician Carthage Maurya Empire

5.1.3. Warlord Edition Macedonia Silla Ancient Japan Sythia

5.1.4. Family Edition Plus Roman Empire Lower Imperial China Egyptian Kingdom The Diadochi

5.1.5. Fertile Crescent Assyria Hebrew Hittite Babylon

5.1.6. The Traders Gupta Parthia Siam Kushan Empire

5.1.7. Unaffiliated Antiquity

5.1.8. Fractured Empires Palmyra

5.2. Medieval Age (411 AD - 1452 AD)

5.2.1. Early Middle Ages 476-989 AD Western Europe Visigoth Kingdom Frankish Empire Vikings Cordoba Kings of the Mediterranean Byzantine Empire Emirate of Sicily Umayyad Caliphate Khazar Khanate The Shade of Africa Vandals Kingdom of Axum The Moors Barghawata In the Heartland Rashidun Sassanid Persia Volga Tartars Kiev Rus The Fervent Pala Empire Rashtrakuta Empire Tang Dynasty Tibetan Empire Under the Mountain Srivijaya Chola Empire Pyu city-states Chalukya Dynasty

5.2.2. High and Late Middle Ages 990-1499 AD British Isles Brittons Irish and Scott Pict Saxon The Western Sword Kingdom of France Jagiellonian Poland Holy Roman Empire Kingdom of Spain Submissive Mamluk Sultanate Ayyubid Sultanate Fatimid Caliphate Almoravid Empire Western Oasis Ghana Empire Empire of Mali Songhai Empire Mossi Kingdoms Eastern Oasis Swahili Kingdoms Ajuran Empire Kingdom of Zimbabwe Etheopian Empire Untamed North Mongol Empire Russia Muscovy Timurid Empire The Eastern Lands Liao Dynasty Song Dynasty Ming Dynasty Khmer Empire Life at Tide Republic of Genoa Republic of Venice Union of Kalmar Feudal Japan

5.3. Age of Discovery (1453 AD - 1749 AD)

5.3.1. European Aggressors Great Brittan France Spain Kingdom of Portugal

5.3.2. European Capitalists Russia Denmark Netherlands Sweden

5.3.3. Asian Traders Ottoman Empire Tibet Sikh Ming Dynasty China Crimea

5.3.4. Diplomats Mughal Safvid Swiss Confederation Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth

5.3.5. The English Colonialists Chesapeake Colonies Southern Colonies New England Middle Colonies

5.3.6. Company Men British East India Company West India Trading Company Moscovy Company Hudson Bay Company

5.3.7. Thieves and Sailors Pirates Privateers Buccaneers Corsairs

5.3.8. Unaffiliated Discovery

5.4. Industrial Upset (1750 - 1910 AD)

5.4.1. Greater Agressors Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland Kingdom of France Kingdom of Spain Kingdom of Portugal

5.4.2. Lesser Trappers Netherlands Russia Swedish Scottish Norwegian Denmark

5.4.3. The New West Viceroyalty of New Spain Viceroyalty of New Granada Louisiana and Canada Rupert's Land

5.4.4. Asia Qing Dynasty China Edo Japan

5.4.5. A Question of Sovereinty Republic of Texas Mexico United States of America Confederate States of America

5.4.6. Wild West The Settlers Cowboys and Outlaws A Hangmans Noose Frontier Forts and Towns

5.5. The Americans (6000 BC - 1910 AD)

5.5.1. Noth East Coast Shawnee Lenape Abnaki Pennacook Powhatan Susquehanna

5.5.2. Great Lakes Iroquios Ojibwa Illinois Potowatomi Huron Miami

5.5.3. South East Atakapa Calusa Creek Chickasaw Choctaw Timucua

5.5.4. Southern Plains Tonkawa Wichita Commanche Apache Osage Caddo

5.5.5. Northern Plains Crow Arapaho Pawnee Cheyene Sioux Iowa

5.5.6. Plateau Coeur D'Alene Nez Perce Yakima Klamath Flathead Klikitat

5.5.7. Great Basin Northern Paiute Southern Paiute Shoshoni Ute Serrano San Juan

5.5.8. Southwest Mescalero Navaho Hopi Chiricahua Pima Zumi

5.5.9. Great North Blackfoot Innuit Cree Slavey Ojibwa Mowhawk

5.5.10. Meso America Aztec Carib Maya Awawak Olmec Tolmec

5.5.11. South America Inca Chanka Nazca Xingu Mapuche Tehuelche

5.5.12. Widespread Peoples

6. TV Related

6.1. Breaking Pinkman

6.1.1. In Progress

6.2. Desktops and Scoundrels

6.2.1. The I.T. Crowd

6.2.2. Black Books

6.2.3. Faulty Towers

6.2.4. Spaced

7. Fun

7.1. Stick Death CCG

7.1.1. Pencil Clan User Created Content

7.1.2. Pen Clan User Created Content

7.1.3. Ancient Stick Reich User Created Content

7.2. Kung Fury

7.3. Bitstrips Inspired