this map shows the different ways one can go about adopting; Open, closed or fostercare.

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Adoption by Mind Map: Adoption

1. Open

1.1. biological mother/father

1.1.1. family involvement

1.1.2. medical history available

1.2. biological parents assist in perspective parent(s)

2. Closed

2.1. biological parent(s) assist in perspective parent(s)

2.1.1. Family rites severed History of child and parents known Adoptive parent(s) can raise child without interference

2.2. Caseworker involved to make sure parent making right decision

3. Fostercare

3.1. Child belongs to the state

3.2. medical history not always available

3.2.1. child assist in parental choosing child usually has trust issus New node

3.3. Parental rites are severed

4. Factors why someone would consider putting child up for adoption

4.1. Unplanned pregnancy

4.1.1. teen pregnancy

4.1.2. unforseen circumstance

5. Resources: Doctors, sitters, tutors, teachers, lawyers, caseworkers

6. CPS, Lawyers, Parents