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Netamanias Technical Document on LTE by Mind Map: Netamanias Technical Document on LTE
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Netamanias Technical Document on LTE

4. LTE QoS: SDF and EPS Bearer QoS

1. LTE Network Architecture

2. LTE Identification

LTE Identification I: UE and ME Identifier

LTE Identification II: NE, Loation and PDN Identifier

LTE Identification III: EPS Bearer Identifier

3. LTE Security

LTE Security I: Concept of LTE Security and LTE Authentication

LTE Security II: NAS and AS Security

5. LTE EMM and ECM State

6. LTE EMM Scenario and Eleven EMM Cases

7. LTE EMM Procedure

7.1 Initial Attach for Unknown UE

7.2 Detach

7.3 S1 Release

7.4 Service Request

7.5 Periodic TAU

7.6 Handover with TAU

7.7 Cell Reselection without TAU

7.8 Handover with TAU

7.9 Cell Reselection with TAU

7.10 Move to Another City

7.11 Initial Attach in Another City

9. LTE Charging

9.1 LTE Charging: Offline

9.2 LTE Charging: Online (TBD)

Continued ... (TBD)


Data Offload



Small Cell

Heterogeneous Network


11. LTE-WiFi Interworking

8. LTE Policy and Charging Control (PCC)

10. IP Address Allocation Schemes in LTE Networks

10.1 IP Address Allocation Schemes I: Basic

10.2 IP Address Allocation Schemes: A Case of Twp Cities (ongoing)