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Broadband Bridge by Mind Map: Broadband
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Broadband Bridge

Organizational Calendar

Weekly checkins

Monthly gatherings

Quarterly Discotechs

Biannual retreat?



Vision for the future, Multiple layers of community infrastructure, Community Middle-Mile via DC-CAN CAIs, Recruiting CAIs, Education, Materials, Engagement, DC Access partnership?, Cooperative Bundling, Get That Gig Campaign, Incentives for participation?, Computers/training per megabit shared, Subgrants for orgs that couldnt otherwise afford, Tech assistance for CAIs, Do It Ourselves, Cooperative 'Community Internet Service Provider', Widespread community mesh networks (last mile)

What we've done, Building community wireless networks, Bloomingdale, Internal accountability checked growth, Currently dormant, Mt Pleasant, Columbia Heights, Potential hubs:, Brookland, Anacostia, Shaw, Advocated for DC-CAN as middle-mile backbone


Vision for the future, Cooperative recycling/refurbishing, FreeGeek?, First Time Computers?

What we've done, Provided used computers, Bloomingdale residents, via One Computer One Child, ISOC grant, HacDC, via Ann Millspaugh


Vision for the future, Spectrum of opportunities, Training, Education, Support, Intergenerational

What we've done, DiscoTech, Training, Recruitment, Skills/Needs assessment, Sharing via AMC


Vision for the future, Digital Justice Coalition, Setting the political agenda, Communication, ZINE!, Research, Accountability, Principles, Evaluation

What we've done, DC-CAN research and advocacy, Educated and Mobilized CAIs, Produced educational materials, Engaged with media, Testimony and lobbying city officials, Surveying needs of local orgs, Hosted public forum, DC's Digital Divide, Federal and local policy, Community Broadband solutions


Vision for the Future, Organizing Capacity, Reflective practice, Community Database of needs and assets, Physical spaces, Libraries, Rec Centers etc, Community Media Labs, Makerspaces, Online hubs, Community commons / fora, Community resource applications

What we've done, Created network of people and orgs, Engaged DC Tech scene, Engaged local service providers, Engaged local educators, Engaged local organizers, Built relationships among Bridge members, Organizational capacity building, Facilitated conversations about community resource data


Community Wireless Networks

Active, Mount Pleasant, Columbia Heights

Prospective, Bloomingdale?, Brookland?, Anacostia?

Community Media Centers

Libraries, Dionne Brown (Bellevue / Washington Highlands Library), "Brown, Dionne (ANC 8D07)" <>, Chris Tonjies (CTO), Adaptive Services, Venetia demson, Patrick Timony

Charter Schools, ommunications director of DC Public Charter School Board: Theola Labbé-DeBose

Computer labs

Community Anchor Institutions

Medical Clinics, DCPCA

Housing complexes, DCHA

Churches, Terry Lynch, Downtown Cluster of Congregations



Ward 5, Bloomingdale, Brookland

Ward 1

East of the River


External events

Community Tech Days, Hack Days, Scratch Day, Penguin Day, Byte Back Community Computer Day

DC Tech Meetup Calendar

HacDC Calendar

Library Calendar

Tech Klatches

National Conferences, Allied Media Conference, NTEN Conference, Free Press Conference, April, Netroots Nation, WISPA Palooza, October in Vegas, SHLB?, Freedom 2 Connect?, FCC Accessibility Day

GJB: COPY RIGHTS Residency, Provisions Library, with George Mason University, Jan/Feb, Workshops, Publishing, Research, Report, Wiki Project



Residents, Community Wireless node hosts

Learners, Adult learners, Youth

Educators, Active in Bridge, Phil Shapiro, Gerard Cooper (Wiz Kids), Leshell Hatley (Uplift), Jesse Bemley (Joint Educational Facilities), Kyle Morean (Thurgood Marshall), Connected to Bridge, Theresa Sule (Byte Back), Eleanor Grewal (Byte Back), Ashley Luttmer (LVAC), Trevor Lieberman (LVAC, Mike Dax (McKinley), Prospective, Ryan Seashore (CodeNow)

Technologists, Active in Bridge, Preston (OTI), Josh (OTI), Brian (OTI), Jabari Zakiya, Kevin Cole, Martha Huizenga and matt Wade (DC Access), Connected to Bridge, Grady (OTI), Andy (OTI), John Dukovich, Clarence Labor (One Computer One Child), Greg Liverpool, Jerome Axle, Patrick Timony (Library), Shireen Mitchell (Digital Sista), Prospective, Untitled

Service providers, Active in Bridge, Andrew Lomax (BFC), Jessie Posilkin (BFC), Matt Leasure (BFC), Sudi (Shaw Community ministry), Anne Troy (SCM), Connected to Bridge, Carolina Argumedo (BFC), Zachari Curtis (BFC), Valarie Ashley, Mark Andersen (We Are Family), Natalie Kaplan (BRIDGE Project), Susie Cambria, 211, Ben Merrion (DC LEARNS), Prospective

Media/Culture Makers, Active in Bridge, Adrianne Burke, Judith Hawkins, Connected to Bridge, Andrew (Critical Exposure), Radio CPR, Prospective, People's MEDIA Center, People's Production House

Social entrepreneurs, Active In Bridge, Max Harper, Connected to Bridge, Alex Denny (Hub), Allison Basile (Time Bank), Mark Evans (ShareTech Solutions), Prospective, Christine Johnson (Diversitech)

Policy wonks, Active In Bridge, Chance Williams (Free Press), Ken Boley, John Capozzi, Cheryl Leanza, Connected to Bridge, Nolan Treadway, Parul (Consumers Union), Prospective

Community leaders, Active in Bridge, Anne Troy (Shaw Community Ministry), John Salatti (Bloomingdale), Louise Thundercloud, Connected to Bridge, Robert Jackson (Charter Schools, Workforce Development), Alex padro (Shaw), Allie Bird (Ward 8 Workforce Development), Tom Brown (Training Grounds), Joe Weedon (Defeat Poverty), Valarie Ashley (Southeast Ministry), Clay Gregory (Shiloh Baptist), Pastor Livingston (Bloomingdale), Prospective

Organizational Development, Active In Bridge, Jim Johnson, Jessica Solomon, Connected to Bridge, Susan Bennett, D.C. Bar Pro Bono Program - Community Economic DevelopMent program, Prospective

Prospective Members, Inactive Bloomingdale residents, Other Bridge attendee or signup lists, Bread for the City Clients, Other social service clients, Neighbors


Allied with Bridge

Connected to Bridge, DC Primary Care Association (Medical Clinics), National Policy Coalitions, MAG-NET, Reach out to Media Mobilizing Project (Todd), Ward 8 Workforce Development Council, DC Coops, DC Food For All, Gardens/Farms, Farmers Markets, Food service orgs, Fair Budget Coalition, DC Community Resource Group,, 211, Diverse City Fund

Prospective, Collaboratives, Richard Flintrop, LadyTech Mafia, Workforce Coalitions, DC Jobs Council, Environmental Networks, DC Solar Coops, GREENTHINK, Ecolocity, Churches, Schools, Tech Magnet schools, McKinley / Langley, Thurgood Marshall / Howard, Fair Chance partners, Tech Entrepreneur Networks, DC Tech Meetup / DC WEEK, NTEN, Untitled, DC AYA, ANCs, Civic Associations, WISPA

Community anchor institutions

Actively involved, Shaw, Bread for the City, Shaw community ministry / lincoln westmoreland, Anne troy, Columbia Heights, St Stephens, HAC DC, Washington Peace Center, Sonia Silbert, We Are Family, Mark Andersen, Words Beats and Life, Mazi Mutafa, GB see notes for IT guy, Wonderland Ballroom?, Bloombars, Mt Pleasant, La Casa, MLOV / language access coalition, Bloomingdale, Mt bethel, John Salatti, Pastor livingston, Crispus Attucks?, They could be co-sponsors of an achor at mt bethel, Tyrone goodwin, East of the River, Bread for the City, We Act Radio, Thurgood Marshall Academy, Southeast Ministry, Valarie ashley


Prospective, Shaw, Thurgood Marshall Center, Critical Exposure, Emmaus?, Library, Chris tonjies, head of library it, Eric Riley, Kennedy rec center, New community church, ONE DC, Allison basile, Dominic moulden, Gloria, Gardy at the church? - 2023320220, Jim dickerson, Nadine at new community for children, Artspace, Shiloh baptist / family life foundation, Clay gregory, Cheryl dobbins, Other churches, Springfield Baptist, First Rising Mt Zion, House of Prayer, MILES Memorial, United House Of Prayer, By convention center, Other housing complexes, Foster house, Asbury Dwellings, Gibson plaza, 1330 Apartments, Ward 1, Mt Pleasant, Centronia, Ariel valdez?, LAYC, Abner?, St augustine, Empower DC, All Souls, Petworth, ECAC, Sylvia Robinson, Ward 4, Plymouth Congregational, Ward 5, Brookland, Byte Back, Kelly ellsworth, DCTV?, Connection via Chance, Artist Complex, Seeta gangadharian of OTI, First Time Computers, Life Pieces to Masterpieces, IVANCA, Ashley Luttmer, Edgewood, Women's Collective, Academy of hope, Contacts, Silas grant, anc (on bridge list), Ledroit park, Howard?, Roger Caruth, Leshell?, Truxton Circle, So Others Might Eat (SOME), Kurt runge, Emily price, Bloomingdale, Ecumenical Council, St martins, John salatti, Father kelly, UPO, Brian Brown properties (1424 north capitol st // 1300 nc and also 115 new york), Eckington, St martins, DASH, Langley School, McKinley Tech, Ivy City, Andria Swanson of Empower DC, FAB LAB, East of the river, Anacostia, The Arch Development, Library, UPO?, Big Chair, Family medical counseling services, Operation Hope, Jahi, Ask jahi about nikki davis, Stanton Elementary nearby, principal is carla, gb ask helen w, Matthews memorial church, CTO Maurice Mack-murrow, Two church facilities and housing, One facility on DC-CAN, others not, Bishop Hudson, Allie bird working with him, Rob jackson knows him, Dacquiri andersen, Anacostia Museum?, Congress heights, Community of Hope, Carla turnage? (or ruth schickel), Aisha mershani, Congress heights senior wellness center (3500 mlk), Training Grounds, THEARC?, Brenda jones of parklands community center (via kay shaw), Deanwood, Arts and Tech Charter School, Ask whit., SEED School, Via andrea northup, Washington Highlands / Bellevue, Networks, Ward 8 Workforce Development Council, East of the river police and clergy coalition, Edgar Cahn is connected, Reverend Isaacs?, Anacostia Coordinating Committee, Benning Terrace, Curtis Watkins / Homecomers Academy


Digital Ecology Organizations, Education, Active in Bridge, Uplift / YouthApp Labs, Wiz Kids, Refurbishing, Connected to Bridge, Byte Back, DC LEARNS, Knowledge Commons DC, HOPE Project, Prospective, Community College of DC, Operation Hope, CodeNow, Access, Active in Bridge, Community Wireless Networks, DC Access, Connected to Bridge, Prospective, "CISP", Equipment, Active in Bridge, Connected to Bridge, First Time Computers, One Computer One Child, Prospective, "FreeGeek", Tech support, Media Makers, Active in Bridge, We Act Radio, Connected to Bridge, Critical Exposure, Grassroots Media Project, Prospective, People's Production House / Radio Roots, People's MEDIA Center, Ryme Katkouda, Oscar Fernandez, People Past and Present,, MMTI, Lyn dyson / / 2022702850, Studio 202

Community Organizing, One DC, SHAW, Empower DC, Columbia Heights, Ivy City, Schools Campaign, Housing Campaign, Public Land Campaign, Praxis Project, AyeNay Abye

Internet / Media Justice Orgs, Free Press, OTI, Institute for Local Self-Reliance, Center for Media Justice, MAG-NET, ISOC-DC

Funders, Local Funders, Community Foundation, Hill-Snowden, CFNCR, Meyer, Cafritz, Moriah, Diverse City Fund, Corporations, Cisco, Google, Facebook, National Funders, Knight Foundation, Kresge



Broadband Bridge

Digital Justice, AMC (Detroit), Detroit Digital Justice Coalition, Digital Communities (DC), Digital Connectors program


Detroit Digital Justice Principles




Roles, Team lead, Responsible for making sure things get done, Like 'scrum-master' in Agile, User representative, Responsible for prioritizing tasks/actions based on user needs, Like product-owner in Agile, Team members

Objectives, Communications, Web presence, Website, Social Media, Wiki, Content, Video, Graphics, Stories, Data, Internal, Development, Systems, Leadership, Coordination, Retreats, Gatherings, Community Broadband, CISP proposal, DC-CAN research, Tech Team, Computers, Community Wireless Networks, DiscoTechs


Decentralized, Leaderfull not leaderless


Transparent, Evaluation

Iterative, Gathering regularly, Producing something every cycle

User-centered, Accountability?, Margin-oriented


Task-tracking system




Educational Materials

Open Questions / Parking Lot / Community Garden

Does this name still do what we want it to?

How will this work be directly engaged with disadvantaged people's needs and assets?

How are teams accountable to the community?

How can this work be more accessible to people of all backgrounds and abilities?

What time and capacity do we bring? How can people's time be most effective and valuable? What capacities do we want to grow?


Format colors and fonts

Link to external resources and pages