California Associaiton of REALTORS Association Executive Professional Development

The California Associaiton of REALTORS Association host their Executive Professional Development with Doug Devitre. REALTOR Associations will survive and thrive by the work of the Association Executive.

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California Associaiton of REALTORS Association Executive Professional Development by Mind Map: California Associaiton of REALTORS Association Executive Professional Development

1. Cost Structure

1.1. Cost driven

1.2. Value driven

1.3. FIxed cost

1.4. Economies of scale

1.5. Variable cost

1.6. Economies of scope

2. Revenues

2.1. Events

2.1.1. Recurring Annual awards banquet Economic Forecast Customer appreciation party Broker involvement Affilate maximization seminar Expo

2.1.2. Special event Bootcamp VIP

2.2. RPAC

2.2.1. Single contribution

2.2.2. Recurring contribution

2.2.3. Promotion Create a webinar Dare-aoke Contest Video sales letter

2.2.4. Payment Login to access payment link Create a demo video

2.3. Lending, renting, leasing of facility

2.3.1. Weddings

2.3.2. Education classes

2.3.3. Meeting rooms

2.3.4. Birthday parties

2.4. Licensing

2.4.1. Staff time

2.4.2. Education content

2.5. Education

2.5.1. CE Cross-sell other designations

2.5.2. Designations Cross-sell other designations

2.5.3. Webinars Synchronous Asynchronous

2.5.4. Affiliate content providers Membership programs Products Revenue share

2.6. Sponsorships

2.6.1. Advertising

2.6.2. Events

2.7. Affiliate

2.7.1. Online marketing

2.7.2. Membership

2.8. Advertising our channels

2.8.1. Pay Per Click/Impression Social media Facebook updates Linkedin announcements Twitter mentions Mobile App Mobile display Website blog Banners Sidebars

2.8.2. Print Newsletter Banner ad Sidebars Postcard Call to action link

2.8.3. YouTube Call to action link included in video and description

2.8.4. Media Television Interviews Radio Interviews

2.8.5. Events Tiered Sponsorship Packages Premium Gold Silver

3. Key resources

3.1. Staff

3.1.1. In house

3.1.2. Outsourced 99 Designs Fiverr oDesk

3.2. Intellectual property

3.2.1. Course content

3.2.2. Methodology

3.3. Cash reserves

3.3.1. Invest in secure assets

3.4. Facility

3.4.1. Use for facility rental

3.4.2. Rent meeting space

3.5. REALTOR Brand

3.5.1. Trademark

4. Key partnerships

4.1. Advertisers

4.1.1. Sponsors of events

4.1.2. Supplier of services/products

4.1.3. Affiliate members

4.2. MLS

4.2.1. MLS log-in notices

4.2.2. IDX vendors

4.3. Suppliers

4.3.1. What services does a REALTOR use?

4.4. Affiliate members

4.4.1. Create value proposition

4.4.2. Deliver message using existing channels

4.4.3. Sell affiliate membership

4.5. Influencers

4.5.1. High clout score

4.5.2. Past presidents

4.5.3. Top brokers

4.5.4. Government officials

4.6. Education content providers

4.6.1. Professional speakers

4.6.2. Subject matter experts

4.6.3. Institutions

4.7. Real Estate organizations

4.7.1. CRS

4.7.2. REBAC

4.7.3. IREM

4.7.4. Commercial

4.7.5. Investment clubs

4.7.6. Appraisal

4.7.7. Insurance/Mortgage

4.8. Media

4.8.1. Television

4.8.2. Radio

4.8.3. Magazine

5. Value proposition

5.1. MLS

5.1.1. Reports

5.1.2. Access

5.1.3. Customizable tools

5.2. Education

5.2.1. Save time

5.2.2. Save hassles making mistakes

5.2.3. Increase profitability

5.3. Networking

5.3.1. Increase broker cooperation

5.3.2. Find trusted vendors

5.4. Referrals

5.4.1. Make more money

5.4.2. Serve clients

5.4.3. Save time

5.5. Brand/status

5.5.1. Higher perceived value

5.5.2. Credibility

5.5.3. Arbitration on commissions

5.5.4. Trusted advisor

5.6. Price

5.6.1. Small investment

5.7. Cost reduction

5.7.1. Save money on bundled servces

5.7.2. Save time finding preferred services

5.8. Risk reducation

5.8.1. Keep out of court

5.8.2. Keep your license

5.9. Accessibility

5.9.1. Mobile access

5.9.2. Onsite access

5.10. Convenience/usability

5.10.1. Easy to navigate online channels Calls to action are easily identifiable Copy is easy to read

5.10.2. Pay dues online

5.10.3. Online registration

6. Channels

6.1. Owned

6.1.1. Website SEO Lead generation

6.1.2. Blog Subscribe to blog by email Compelling copy One call to action

6.2. Partnered

6.2.1. Affiliates

6.3. Face to face

6.3.1. Yelp me out cards

6.3.2. Business cards with call to action

6.4. Direct mail

6.5. Email

6.5.1. A/B Split testing

6.5.2. HTML design

6.5.3. Auto-responders

6.5.4. List building

6.6. Phone

6.6.1. Click to call

6.6.2. Voicemail testimonials

6.7. Social media

6.7.1. Facebook Pages Page lists Page cover Page admin Profile optimization Disclosure Communication channels Groups Create community docs Advertising Engagement Integration

6.7.2. LInkedin Groups Profile/company optimization Keyword Web links Conversion Integration Slideshare Blog

6.7.3. Twitter List building Create lists from customer segments Listening Twilert Engagement Hootsuite Instagram Integration Hootsuite Instagram Twitvid Foursquare Mobile Hootsuite Twitvid Foursquare

7. Customer relationships

7.1. Communities

7.1.1. Avectra

7.1.2. Facebook groups

7.1.3. Linkedin groups

7.2. Transactional

7.2.1. Live store

7.2.2. Education classes

7.2.3. Online store

7.2.4. Database rental

7.3. Self service

7.3.1. Online video FAQs

7.3.2. Online store

7.4. Personal assistance

7.4.1. Skype


7.4.3. Telephone Voicemail Click to call

7.4.4. Live chat Live chat service Skype Meebo

7.5. Long term

7.5.1. Distinguished awards

7.5.2. Special invitations to events

7.6. Curation

7.6.1. Contests

7.6.2. Twitter hashtags

7.6.3. YouTube playlists

7.6.4. Slideshare presentations

7.6.5. Import RSS feeds

8. Customer segments

8.1. Taking invetory

8.1.1. How many members do you have?

8.1.2. How many members have done one transaction?

8.1.3. How many members have logged in MLS in last 3 months?

8.2. List building

8.2.1. Online form Embed code Link to form

8.2.2. SMS opt-in Facebook page Twitter follow Constant Contact email

8.3. Groups

8.3.1. Members International Commerical Property management Residential

8.3.2. Broker owners Large sized Medium sized Small independent

8.3.3. Suppliers REALTOR vendors Association vendors

8.3.4. Affiliates Content providers Vendors

8.3.5. Consumers Public advocacy MLS Referral

8.3.6. Influencers RPAC major donors Social media influencers Politicians

9. Key activities

9.1. Communicate value proposition

9.1.1. Strong call to action Shortened link Tracked Customized

9.1.2. Video sales letters

9.1.3. Create compelling copy (what's in it for them?)

9.2. Reach markets

9.2.1. Partner channels Social media marketing Affiliate marketing

9.2.2. Shop stewards Paid Volunteer Brokers

9.2.3. Owned channels Email marketing Website Print Newspaper Newsletter Postcard

9.2.4. Advertising calls to action (expense) Pay Per Click/Impression Google Social media Mobile Print Newspaper Newsletter Billboard Postcard Media Television Radio

9.3. Maintain customer relatinoships

9.3.1. Social relationship management Twitter lists Customer segment retweets Customer segment mentions Facebook lists Engagement with customer segments Avectra Social CRM Payment gateway

9.3.2. Online tools Postcard app Virtual meeting Skype Google Hangout Video email Bomb bomb Eyejot

9.3.3. Telephone

9.4. Earn revenues

9.5. Risk management

9.5.1. Monitor of comments online Google Alerts Twilert Socialmention Hoosuite

9.5.2. Intellectual property Images Crystal Graphics Make your own Videos iStock videos Make your own Music Royalty FREE Music Make your own Copy Copyscape

9.6. Staff Training

9.6.1. Skill sets Writing copy Editing Publishing Picture Capturing Editing Publishing Video Capturing Editing Publishing Presentations Creating/Editing Publishing

9.6.2. Online marketing Conversion A/B testing Usertesting Clicktale Google website optimizer Email marketing A/B testing HTML design Creating subject lines and copy Social media marketing Content creation Monitoring Lead generation Relationship building Search engine optimization Keyword analysis Content creation Content optimization

9.7. Content creation

9.7.1. YouTube Video FAQs SEO from keyword optimization Viral videos with calls to action Lead generation

9.7.2. Online sale presentations Lead generation SEO from keyword optimization

9.7.3. Templates and forms Mobile signatures Productivity