Laughter out of place

Chapter 1 Ant4302

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Laughter out of place by Mind Map: Laughter out of place

1. Goldstein find everything funny even if the story not funny

2. Goldstein presented to us a hard critique of urban poverty and violence and also what we need to know about "culture of poverty".

3. They check his body temperature by putting the thermometer under his arm.

4. Than lost his touching sense

5. He started to lose his eyesight

6. put a blanket over him with alcohol

7. They put in a chair for support

8. When she was staying with Gloria and her family they witnessed the dynamic of gang activity

9. she met Gloria at a party at her friend house where she worked.

10. She started to gain interest in political and solitary movement that was going on

11. The Marvelous city is full of energy, friendliness and optimism

12. portion of the people that was shot was standing outside in front car wash called Bible Square.

13. in may 2003, drugs dealer would spread drug to university student with gunfire

14. Woman said "Mata, mata ele mesmo" meaning " go ahead and kill him, kill him good"p25

15. for the past two decades rio violence look like cyclical

16. In early 1990's the violence of the rio favelas began

17. The main of this lesson is that people generated a daily condition of anger, humilation, and despair.

18. Goldstein show us that laughter and jokes is a part of emotional aesthetic that we can describe as the sense of frustration and anomie endemic.

19. For almost two decades Goldstein present a everyday life amond the women of the favelas.

20. Introduction

21. Chapter one

22. The death of Zeca's

23. AIDS

23.1. Goldstein share how he find a research about AIDS for the project

23.2. * Gloria than explain how she find those witnessed

23.3. *Zeca's past away in what they called a poor person hospital

23.4. * Zeca's death cause by AIDS epidemic

23.5. * Before there was any interest in brazil there was Latin Americanist scholar in training.

24. Chapter 2 & 3

24.1. Chapter 2 Domestic work

24.1.1. Domestic workers get 1 minimum wage