Side Control Escape: Prevented

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Side Control Escape: Prevented by Mind Map: Side Control Escape: Prevented

1. 1. Creating Space

1.1. "PEZ"-ing the neck up

1.2. Turning into opponent, driving with underhooked elbow

1.3. Near side forearm across OP hip to maintain space


2. 2. Beginning the escape

2.1. Near side knee connects to elbow

2.2. Once connected, elbow and knee drive together against OP hip until knee fully replaces forearm

2.3. Knee moves across OP hip W/O losing connection to elbow

2.4. Push until OP is in front of you and shin is across OP hip

3. Escape Blocked

4. 3. Change of plan / Prevent pass

4.1. Shin remains across OP HIP

4.2. IMMEDIATELY over hook arm on same side as free leg

4.3. Free leg hooks OP leg to prevent pass

5. 4. Options

5.1. With OP over hooked and leg trapped, work leg out and play over hook game

5.2. Reverse Sweep

5.2.1. Knee on Belly

5.2.2. Arm Bar

5.2.3. Side Control

5.2.4. Kesa Gatame