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Juno by Mind Map: Juno

1. The influences on the characters and how this changes them - nick

1.1. Juno

1.1.1. Su-Chin has a debatably strong influence on Juno’s decision to not get an abortion. Su-Chin seeds the idea in Juno’s mind that maybe an abortion isn’t morally right and the atmosphere within the clinic pushes Juno over the edge.

1.1.2. Juno’s pregnancy influences both Juno and Bleeker. By the end of the film, we see a real development in their maturity levels as compared to the start. The affection between them is evidently stronger as a result of their ordeal as shown when Bleeker snuggles up to Juno in the hospital after the birth.

1.1.3. Leah’s influence on Juno is less significant but she does help her make several key decisions such as the idea of putting Juno’s child up for adoption for someone in the local paper.

1.2. Bleeker

1.3. Bren and Mac

1.3.1. The effect of Juno’s unexpected pregnancy on her parents is obvious early in the film. From the scene in the living room it is clear that they would have far preferred for her to be taking drugs or drinking rather than being pregnant. As the film progesses however, Bren becomes much closer to Juno. This maternal bond is most visible when Juno is getting her ultrasound.

1.4. Mark Loring

1.4.1. Juno influences Mark quite strongly in that as the childbirth approaches, he begins to realise that this is for real and that he isn’t quite ready to be a father just yet. Over their conversations about personal interests, Mark quickly realises that he still has so much he wants to do (his band etc.) and that a child would take him away from all that he loves.


2.1. Juno becomes pregnant

2.1.1. The movie starts with Juno trying to find out if she is pregnant or not. The plot shows her drinking a lot of orange juice so she can be ready for the test. She has a really long argument with the store person and finally gets the test kit from him. The first plot also includes Juno telling Bleeker that she is pregnant and that it's his baby. He gets pretty freaked out.

2.2. The birth of Juno's baby

2.2.1. Juno's baby is obviously the finale of the film and Vanessa takes the baby. Bleeker and Juno get back together and live happily ever after playing their indie guitars.

2.3. Juno breaks the news to her parents

2.3.1. Her parents are obviously quite taken aback by this turn of events as it was their greatest fear, more so than drugs or alcohol. However, they demonstrate their full support for Juno's journey through pregnency.

2.4. Juno decides to not get an abortion

2.4.1. She decides to get an abortion without anyone knowing that she got pregnant. She get's to the abortion place and gets really freaked out by all the parents in there. Also a girl from her school tells her that abortion is not a moral thing to do and chenges her mind.

2.4.2. This is key to the narrative as this change in her mind means that she meets the Lorings. Su-Chin could be regarded as a blessing in disguise because without her Juno wouldn't have met the Lorings

2.5. Juno meets the Lorings

2.5.1. Juno starts to get along well with Mark and discovers what she believes to be the perfect family for her child.

2.6. The Lorings inform Juno that they're getting a divorce

2.6.1. Quite significant plot event as this could mean that Vanessa might not be able to adopt Juno's baby. However in the end, everything works out alright and Vanessa adopts Juno's child as a single mother.

2.6.2. This change in plot also forces Juno to consider whether she wants to give her baby to just Vanessa

3. Relationships Between Characters

3.1. Juno and Bleeker

3.1.1. Friends with Benefits When they had sex at the beginning of the movie, they were not in a committed relationship. They were preety close but it was evident that Juno might of wanted a bit more when she brought the living room to Bleekers front yard. Although they were very close throughout the movie, they didn't become a couple until the end. This was partly due to the fact that Bleeker didn't want to be part of the babies life. They are open and this is shown when Bleeker takes a different girl to the prom. Although Juno was quite upset about these events the fact that Bleeker didn't think about Juno shows that they are not committed to a full relationship. Bleeker doesn't want to be affiliated with the baby. Along with Juno he didn't want to become attached to the baby because of his youth. They both chose not to see the baby so they didn't become attached Bleeker doesn't go to the abortion clinic with Juno. This shows that he is not that interested in their relationship.

3.2. Juno and Mark

3.2.1. Close Friends They have similar interests in terms of musical taste. The scene when they are in the music room with the guitars shows they taste in the same music. They look forward to seing each other Juno puts on lipstick when they meet each other. This shows that maybe she has some feelings towards him more than just friends. The relationship change from them being friends to her maybe having more feelings is clearly shown in this action. Juno goes out of her way to meet Mark. Juno drives quite a distance to meet Mark at his house. Juno is the first person Mark tells about the divorce. This is because Mark feels a close connection with Juno and believes she may be happy as she has made him come to the realisation that he is not truly happy with Vanessa and the idea of being a father.

3.3. Mark and Vanessa

3.3.1. Marriage They have different opinions towards Marks dreams of playing in a band and this conflicts their relationship. Vanessa also gets quite upset when Mark and Juno become close friends.

3.4. Juno and Brenda

3.4.1. Stepmom Not the stereotypical stepmom who is mean to the stepchild, she is loving towards Juno and understanding when she is told about the pregnancy. She helps Juno with eating all the right foods and doing all the right things for pre-pregancy. In one scene specifically, the ultrasound, Brenda defends Juno when the doctor says something discriminating agains Juno as she is a pregnant teen, Brenda continues to verbally abuse the doctor and is asked to leave the hospital.