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Water Story by Mind Map: Water Story

1. water conservation

1.1. limited resource

1.1.1. important to keep living things alive plants photosynthesis respiration growth animals digestion circulatory remove heat from the body body contains mainly of water hygiene

1.1.2. ways to conserve water water the plants with watering cans flushing select low flush cistern recycle the water from the washing machine washing put thimbles in all taps shower with a pail of water brush teeth with a mug of water recycle the water used for the washing machine

2. Pollution

2.1. river

2.2. ocean

2.3. lake

2.4. reservior

3. 3 states

3.1. solid

3.1.1. ice

3.2. liquid

3.2.1. water

3.3. gaseous

3.3.1. water vapour

4. change of state

4.1. water cycle

4.1.1. gaseous to liquid condensation lose heat

4.1.2. liquid to gaseous evaporation gain heat

4.1.3. ensure there is continuous water supply on earth

4.2. solid to liquid

4.2.1. melting gain heat eg ice to water