4th grade math curriciulum map committee

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4th grade math curriciulum map committee by Mind Map: 4th grade math curriciulum map committee

1. Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent: Mr. Green & Mr. Stoney

1.1. Oversees process

1.1.1. Ensures Equity

2. Director of Curriculum Instruction: Jamie Mullins and Michelle Frye

2.1. Facilitates and oversees mapping process

3. Math Team:

3.1. Math Specialist from ABC School District

3.2. 4th grade math teacher from Truett Elementary ( 6 years experience )

3.3. Principal of Truett Elementary

3.4. Math Team Responsibilities:

3.4.1. Unpacks Standards and identifies "power standards"

3.4.2. Identifies prerequisite skills and skills to be learned in each standard

3.4.3. Determines an appropriate sequence of standards to be taught

3.4.4. Evaluates content and assessments

4. Tech Team

4.1. 4th grade math teacher from Childers Elementary ( 10 years of experience)

4.2. Assistant Principal of Childers Elementary

4.3. 4th grade math teacher from Darren Elementary (12 years experience)

4.4. Integrates technology

4.4.1. Researches appropriate resources to supplement curriciulum

4.4.2. Creates an overview of resources for teacher

5. Entire team

5.1. Designs curriculum map with appropriate components

5.2. Skills

5.3. Pacing Guide

5.4. Essential questions

5.5. Standards

5.6. Activities

5.7. Resources