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1. Joy Stick - input commands for computer game

2. Computer Mouse - used to input toolbar and menu bar commands as well as move around a doucment

3. CD/DVD - used for storage

4. Projector - Project a computer-created image. In the classroom a projector can be used for presentations and showing videos or video clips.

5. Speakers - deliver sound

6. Microphone - record audio to a presentation

7. CD ROM - used to install software or input information to save as files on the computer

8. Keyboard - used to input data

9. Scanner - input images and other documents as files on the computer to use for different applicatins such as brochures, web pages, presentations, etc.

10. Camera - transfer images form camera to coputer, In the classroom it can be used toimport images to a multimedia presentation, timeline, etc

11. Barcode Scanner - used to input information such as ISBN barcodes in a library or media center

12. Monitor - creates a visual display for you to view processed data

13. Printer - produce a hard copy version of processed data such as documents and photographs