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Salah by Mind Map: Salah

1. Validity

1.1. Being pure

1.2. covering awrah

1.3. facing qiblah

1.4. during salah time

1.5. knowing it is fard

1.5.1. not to regard any fard acts as sunnah

1.6. abstain from nullifiers

2. Sunan of Salah

2.1. Before Salah

2.1.1. Athan, Iqama Sutrah, make dua between Athan and Iqama, pray sunnah, pray in 1st row, straighten row and fill gaps

2.2. In Salah

2.2.1. doing actions in correct places, right hand over left, looking at place of sujood, duaa istiftah,reciting 2 surahs in first 2 rakaas, make first rakaa longer than second

2.3. After Salah

2.3.1. Ziker

3. Makrooh Act of Salah

3.1. Situations

3.1.1. praying when needing washroom, when hunrgy, covering face, not covering head, with clothes that have pictures or not covering shoulders

3.2. Missing Sunan

3.2.1. not reciting: takbeerat, duaas of diiferent positions, surah after fatiha,

3.3. Acts of Salah

3.3.1. looking towards sky, to turn neck, spit or blow nose, inappropriate position of feet, unnecessary actions

3.4. Place of Salah

3.4.1. praying in washroom, graveyard, garbage place, other places of worship,

4. Nulifiers

4.1. Hadath, exposing awrah, impurity on body or clothes

4.2. laughing, 3 motions out of prayers, extra movements, speaking,

4.3. to precede imam, to delay, by doubting its termination