UML Modeling Application

UML Modeling Application that saves the model in a Well formatted XML and uses XSLT as a template for code generation. The reason for saving in XML is you can merge it easy with tools like win-merge.

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UML Modeling Application by Mind Map: UML Modeling Application

1. Saving

1.1. Saves Using a Well formatted XML document


1.1.2. Human Readable

1.2. File Type

1.2.1. .xUML

1.2.2. .xslt

2. Code Generation and Merging

2.1. File location is based off namespace

2.2. Uses XSLT to generate the file based off the saved XML

2.2.1. The application will handle the preserve comment block. The XSLT is only for Generated code and format

2.3. Uses Preserve Blocks with ID to link it to the corrent Class/Atribute/Method, ect

2.3.1. ID is GUID

3. Design/UI

3.1. All Common UML

3.2. Custom UML

3.3. Concordant use Point

3.3.1. A list of points for multiple instances the Association will track the index of the instance its pointing to

4. Non requirement but would be cool

4.1. Importing 3rd party models

5. Milestones

5.1. V 1.0

5.1.1. Class Diagrams

5.1.2. Saving

5.1.3. Code Generation and Merging

5.2. 1.5