What do people need to do on the Code Website

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What do people need to do on the Code Website by Mind Map: What do people need to do on the Code Website

1. Who are our users? And what do they want to do on the site?

1.1. General public

1.1.1. Have seen something and want to know what to do How to report Reporting directory What should they do

1.1.2. NGO / Government agencies Checking on code progress Access to data / reporting

1.1.3. Heard about code Received communication regarding Code Check whether their holiday company is a member Want to learn more about the problem Want to get involved Register your organisation Want to donate

1.1.4. Know nothing about the code Learn more about the organisation

1.1.5. New node

1.2. Code Admin / Management

1.2.1. Reports Number of active accounts (members) Number of inactive accounts (lapsed members) Ask them to renew Number of prospective new accounts (leads) View new Accounts Account implementation report (check-lists) LCR log in

1.2.2. Support Respond to website enquiries

1.2.3. User management Account migration Finding duplicates Password reset

1.2.4. Account management Invoicing Data input Check for duplicates Approve new companies

1.2.5. Manage campaigns Newsletter Accounts LCRs Manage LCR campaign Approve proposal from LCR Chase inactive Accounts

1.2.6. Content management Newsfeed Twitter News stories Documents Toolkits Templates Update training Good practice guides Manage forums/discussion boards

1.2.7. Sales Input new leads Assign to LCRs Follow up direct Review current leads Convert to opportunities Scheduling calls

1.2.8. LCR management Recruit new LCRs Set up agreement Refer them to the toolkit Delete LCR

1.3. Account employee

1.3.1. Access the training

1.3.2. Call to action Recommend a friend

1.3.3. Link back to general site

1.4. LCR ..

1.4.1. Account Management View Update

1.4.2. Sales & Marketing Leads Input new leads Offer training to members Set up meetings Submit proposals for campaign funding

1.4.3. Support 1 year follow up Emergency child protection case Help members submit reporting

1.4.4. Reporting Members in their country New signups per LCR Month Year Implementation state per member in country

1.4.5. LCR Help Toolkit access Training I'm a new LCR How to sell the code Understanding tourism industry Understanding CSEC Community Good practices LCR league table Forum

1.5. Account / Companies

1.5.1. How am I doing? (Performance) Current status Print Share Update status Download templates Upload policy Reporting

1.5.2. Help How to implement Guides Templates External resources Code Site Directory Find your LCR Contact The Code Ask a question

1.5.3. Manage Membership Fee payment Contact information Update Edit Sub accounts Add staff Membership certificate Print Expired Renew Pay Remove access

1.5.4. Reporting When to report How to report Reporting form Challenges Successes Examples