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Tissues by Mind Map: Tissues

1. Animal tissues

1.1. Epithelial tissue

1.1.1. Squamous

1.1.2. Columnar

1.1.3. Cuboidal

1.1.4. Ciliated

1.2. Muscular Tissue

1.2.1. Voluntary or striated work according to our will

1.2.2. Involuntary or unstriated do not work according to our will

1.2.3. Cardiac structurally voluntary and functionally involuntary

1.3. Connective tissue

1.3.1. Fluid connective tissue components are, blood lymph

1.3.2. Fibrous connective tissue loose cells distributed throughout the body Loose connective tissue dense packing of fibers and cells dense connective tissue

1.3.3. Supportive connective tissue cartillage bone

1.4. Nervous tissue

1.4.1. consists of, Neurons Cyton Axon Dendrons and Dendrites

2. Plant tissue

2.1. cells that can divide any further

2.1.1. meristematic tissue on the basis of position in plant body found at lateral sides found at tips

2.2. cells that can not divide further

2.2.1. permanent tissue structurally an functionally same cells simple permanent tissue structurally and functionally different cells complex permanent tissue