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Healthy Activities in North Staffordshire by Mind Map: Healthy Activities in North Staffordshire
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Healthy Activities in North Staffordshire


Stoke Cycling - City Council


Lifestyle - City Council / WEA

Walk Leaders training - FSC

Walk Leaders Pedometer Programme - FSC

Free swimming for Over-60s - City Council

Energise Plus - concessions

Replaces Recreation Key. Cost £5 p.a.

Energise programme - City Council

Wasted Space - community growing project

Go5 programme - 10 weeeks at leisure centres. £10

Living Well Stoke-on-Trent - PCT

Fitter Families Initiative

Tips and suggestions on how families can achieve a healthier and more active lifestyle, such as walking to school, exercising the dog or swapping crisps for fruit;  also aims to motivate families to build fun activity and a sensible approach to food into their every day life. Sign up online.

Expert Patient Programme - PCT

For patients with existing long-standing medical conditions.

Leisure Pass Concessionary Scheme

Reduced entry to various leisure faciliities. Different schemes in Stoke, Newcastle & Staffs Moorlands. See website for details.

Fit for Living - NUL Council (over 55's only)

Sports Development Team at Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council – 01782 742617.

Stoke-on-Trent Healthy City

Council-run project.

Tumble tots

Also including Gymbabes and Gymbobs. Courses in Fenton, Meir, Tunstall & Newcastle. Different age groups, from 6 months to 7 years. Membership £20 per year.

Community Development Workers / My Health Matters website


4 June: Summer Tea Dance, Victoria Hall £5

Guided cycle rides

24th June: Healthy Eating Training, Bentilee Neighbourhood Centre

Lasts 5 days. For details contact

24th June: Physical wellness workshops, Meir Community Education Centre

Lasts 5 sessions. For details contact Graham Bailey at

30th June: Alcohol & drug awareness training, White Hart hotel, Uttoxeter

Cost £50. For information contact Pam Barton at

12 July: Port Vale Open Day

19 July: The Big Lunch, Burslem

29th July: Brief intervention physical activity awareness training, floral Hall, Tunstall

For further information contact Yasar Riaz at


Stoke: Health courses for beginners - WEA

Stoke27 April Health courses Advanced - WEA

Stoke from w/b 27 April Health course Extra Fit, Extra Healthy. £20 - WEA

Stoke Family Fitness & Family Grow & Eat course - WEA

Cycling with Confidence

Healthy City Initiative

Age Concern; Gentle Chair-based exercise

Marychurch Centre, Werrington Road, Bucknall Tuesdays, 10:30 - 12:30 from 4th November. £1 per session

Icon key


Fee (usually small)

By referral





Fitness First

£17.95 per month. + £1 per use OR £25.95 per month.


Total Fitness

Council run


Available to the public in the evenings and at weekends.

Clubs & Allotments

Northwood Stadium


Park Hall Golf Course

Council run.

Korfball Clubs

Youth Activities

Blurton & Newstead

Trentham & Hanford

Hartshill & Penkhull

Stoke & Trent Vale


Online resources


Information sources


FSC 'Closer to Home' Walks

Public link: