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Reproduction by Mind Map: Reproduction

1. Sexual Reproduction

1.1. This process involves a male and a female of the same species

1.2. In order to produce offspring the union of a sperm cell from the male of a species and a egg cell of the same species is needed

1.3. It's the most common form of reproduction in animals and plants including humans

1.4. Advantages

1.4.1. Can produce genotypes that enables adaptation to changing environments

1.5. Disadvantage

1.5.1. Takes long to produce offsprings

1.5.2. Needs a partner of the opposite sex

2. Asexual Reproduction

2.1. It is the primary form of reproduction for single celled organisms such as archea and bacteria

2.2. Many eukaryotic organisms including plants,animals and fungi can also reproduce asexually

2.2.1. There are different forms of Asexual Reproduction Spore formation Budding Tubers Bulbs

2.3. Advantages

2.3.1. Only one parent is needed

2.3.2. It is faster to create offspring than Sexual Reproduction

2.3.3. The population can increase when conditions are favourable

2.3.4. Doesn't need a lot of energy

2.4. Disadvantages

2.4.1. Cannot produce new genotypes to enable adaptation to changing environments