Project Name or the working title "Javier: Boy Pilot"

Used as an example to help develop movie ideas.

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Project Name or the working title "Javier: Boy Pilot" by Mind Map: Project Name or the working title "Javier: Boy Pilot"

1. The Product (the What and Why)

1.1. Idea:

1.1.1. What is the main idea? Javier Luzo is too young to drive, but old enough to fly a plane.

1.2. Goals

1.2.1. What are your goals as a moviemaker? How he learned? Have him explain the plane to us. Where he flies Show who Javier is.

1.3. Target Audience

1.3.1. Who is the target audience? General Audience

1.4. Timeline

1.4.1. What is the project timeline? Due April 16, 2007 To air on our school network in two weeks. Post online the day after.

2. The Process (the How)

2.1. Style:

2.1.1. Documentary: Not a news report A roll Interview w/ Javier Interview with his teacher Interview with another pilot at Whitman Airport, Pacolma. B roll Fly with him. Footage from his plane from another plane. Coverage shots around the airport: At home, school

2.2. Crew

2.2.1. 1 Camera

2.2.2. 1 mic

2.2.3. 1 assistant to camera: Lights.

2.2.4. Producer / Interviewee.

2.2.5. 1 Editor

2.3. Music:

2.3.1. Guitar. Old country rock stlye. Antonio Sol can play it.