Essay Planning- Frankenstein & Bladerunner

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Essay Planning- Frankenstein & Bladerunner by Mind Map: Essay Planning- Frankenstein & Bladerunner

1. Conflicts

1.1. Deckard vs. Rachel

1.1.1. Acceptance & love He loves Rachel for who she is

1.2. Replicants vs. Society

1.2.1. Nexus 6 replicants can't go back to Earth because they rebelled in the past- not accepted If they came back to Earth, they will be killed by bladerunners (retirement)

1.3. Replicants (Roy) vs. Creator (Tyrell)

1.3.1. Life span: 4 years --> want more life Can't control life

1.3.2. Child & parent relationship

1.4. Bladerunner vs. Replicants

1.4.1. Bladerunners "retire" replicants Enemies

2. Conflicts

2.1. Victor vs. self

2.1.1. Justine's execution Guilt, selfishness Didn't want others to think that he's crazy by saying he created a Creature that caused her death

2.1.2. Thirst for knowledge Excludes family & isolates himself

2.2. Victor vs. Clerval

2.2.1. Friendship

2.3. Victor vs. Creature

2.3.1. Parent & child relationship

2.4. Creature vs. society

2.4.1. Not accepted Appearance- horrific & abnormal; scary Lonely

3. Characters

3.1. Deckard

3.1.1. A bladerunner Do tests to see who is a replicant Some signs that he's a replicant himself

3.2. Rachel

3.2.1. A Replicant who doesn't know she's one

3.3. Tyrell

3.3.1. Creator of Replicants Tells Roy there's nothing he can do to extend his life Gets killed by Roy

3.4. Roy

3.4.1. Leader of Replicants (Nexus 6)

3.4.2. Becomes more sympathetic in the end Saves Deckard

3.4.3. Can't control his emotions- like a child Killed Tyrell due to anger Angry that Tyrell can't extend his life span

3.4.4. Smart Didn't take long to defeat Tyrell in chess while J.F. only beat Tyrell once

3.5. J. F. Sebastian

3.5.1. Genetic designer Gets killed by Roy

4. Ideas

4.1. Revenge

4.1.1. Replicants rebelled Reason why they're unaccepted in society

4.2. Acceptance

4.2.1. Replicants not accepted in society "Retirement"

5. Ideas

5.1. Friendship

5.2. Loneliness

5.3. Child & parent relationship

5.3.1. Responsibilities in life

5.4. Acceptance in society

5.5. Need to consider consequences

5.6. Revenge

6. Themes

6.1. Escaping problems don't help you in life

6.1.1. Problems will come back later Victor's problem is the Creature & had chance to solve it, but broke his promise Same problems (& more) came back to Victor

6.2. Need to know responsibilities in life

6.2.1. Sometimes need to limit yourself Victor didn't know his as a scientist Created something only Gods can create

6.2.2. Running away from it isn't wise Victor abandoned Creature Left Creature to defend for himself

6.3. Acquiring too much knowledge can be dangerous & powerful

6.3.1. Victor discovered secrets of resurrecting the dead Creature committing several murders to make Victor suffer

6.3.2. Ex: scientists in the world made many discoveries Leads to distructive inventions Atomic bomb

6.4. Revenge can lead to self-destruction

6.4.1. Victor chased Creature to get his revenge Health deterioration & died

7. Themes

7.1. Acquiring too much knowledge can be dangerous & powerful

7.1.1. Tyrell didn't think Replicants would rebel?

7.1.2. Created something only Gods would know how to make Tyrell made new species- Replicants

8. Symbols

8.1. Eyes

8.1.1. This determined if one is a human or Replicant Identity?

8.2. Photographs

8.2.1. Replicants attached to it Gave them sense of being humans