History of Visual Communications

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History of Visual Communications by Mind Map: History of Visual Communications

1. Photography

1.1. Calotype Process

1.1.1. Invented by William Fox and the image was exposed onto a light sensitive paper producing a paper negative.

1.2. Wet Collodion Process

1.2.1. Glass Plates were used for the negative to capture an image when exposed to light

1.3. Dry Plate Process

1.3.1. The Dry Plate process was invented by Richard Maddox and it used gelatin for the photographic plates instead of glass.

1.4. Kodak

1.4.1. Eastman replaced glass plates with a photo-emulsion coated on paper rolls, first camera for the general public.

1.5. Polaroid

1.5.1. Polaroid was the first camera to print pictures in full color.

2. Linotype Machine

2.1. This machine was and easier way to transcribe notes and legal briefs and produces multiple copies. It produced an entire line of type at once.

3. The Codex and Other Manuscripts.

3.1. Codex

3.1.1. Codex is a covered bound collection of handwritten pages.

3.2. Illuminated Manuscripts

3.2.1. Works of writing with an elaborate illustrations.

3.3. Scrolls

3.3.1. One page with writing that had wooden handles on each end.

4. Gutenberg

4.1. Produced the modern book printing. Gutenberg also introduced an oil based ink.

5. Paper

5.1. Developed in China by Ts'ai Lun. Kept secret for 500 years until news leaked out and it spread quickly throughout Asia and Europe.

6. Hieroglyphics

6.1. Hieroglyphics were a combination of logo graphic and alphabetic elements.

7. Phonetic Alphabet

7.1. It was a direct variation of Hieroglyphics and started with constants, this script used simpler characters; making it easier to learn.

8. Cave Paintings

8.1. Cave Paintings are beautiful, detailed and colorful representation found on the inside of cave walls and ceilings.

9. Pyramids

9.1. Pyramids were discovered in Egypt in the sixth century B.C.

10. Books

10.1. First Book to be printed is the bible.

11. Computers

11.1. Computer Mouse

11.1.1. The Computer Mouse was invented by Douglas Engalbart.

11.2. Memory Disk

11.2.1. The first Memory DIsk was Introduced by IBM

11.3. Internet

11.3.1. The First internet was called ApraNET, It was developed to protect the information between millitary installations.

11.4. Apple

11.4.1. In 1983, Apple introduced the first computer with a GUI, called the Apple Lisa. In 1984 they introduced the first affordable personal computer called the Apple Macintosh Computer.

11.5. Microsoft

11.5.1. In response to Apple's operating system, Bill Gates introduced the Windows Operating System.